Thursday, December 11, 2014

Arrived and Settling in Richmond #4

Hey Momma, glad the stuff is getting ripped out of the house  and waaat!!! everyone is going to the Morristown New Jersey Mission!  (Our house is getting new flooring and Jeremy's friend Macy got her mission call to Morristown NJ to join Jeremy's friend Brian ) 

 I am writing a lot in my journal, about a half a page per day, and am going knocking doors in our new area because my Trainer Elder Hopkins (he is from Sugarhouse, Utah and loves to work, which is really fun! as well as is always a cheery guy ) Just in case I forgot anything or don't have it on hand he helps me out and we  are both new to the area (Glen Allen Ward). 

Me and Elder Hopkins at the Glen Allen Ward Christmas Party. 
We are cooking food today for pday as well as running errands and other things like that.  It turns out that I  had a fever of 101F during my time at the Missinonary Training Center (MTC)  so thats what made it hard for me a bit in that high altitude, but don't worry I am all better now. 

We have run into a lot of nice people (that mostly all close doors in our face) but there is one dude named Leon who is really interested in what we do. e also were let in to a Muslim household last night and he insisted on giving us a Quran so we insisted on giving him a Book of Mormon. That was a cool experience (and now i have a Quran apparently...) 

Waking up is getting easier and easier for me but staying awake all day seems to be the challenge. In the missionary training center I was a district leader (i can't remember if i mentioned that before or not) but that leadership experience was awesome.  My companion in the MYC was named Elder Searle (pronounced sir-uhl) and he was a hardworking fence installing farm boy from American Fork Utah. 

I can see the lives of so many being blessed from church that we had on Sunday and I got to talk with some members about their life stories. They are always wonderful to listen to.  

I feel my life being blessed every day that I am out here.   I am focused on the work so no worries about me, I love all of ya and keep you in my prayers every morning and every night.  I will talk with ya next week and let ya know more on whats going on. Miss ya, but this is the place where I need to be. I can help many here and that is what I hope for and plan on doing.

(address is 1757 Charles Street Richmond VA 23226 just in case i forget)

Elder Day

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