Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Training letter #2

November 29, 2014

Hey Mama and Dad,

Its your son,ELDER DAY.  The MTC is treating me wonderfully, I am eating a lot of food and I gained a pound!  So I am eating well.  I am a district leader and there are some things I need to work on in leadership skills that I have realized.  Our companions are amazing and mine (Elder Scarle) is so amazing.  He is a Utah farmer who worked 14 hour days installing fences so he is "go, go, go!"  While I am "slow, slow, slow!" Cuz I take a bit more time in doing things and getting to know people and stuff.  He is probably the best Comp. I can have.  Although I should take back what I said earlier, he loves getting to know people just as much as I do, probably more.  He is awesome.

We had a Q&A with David A. Bednar and that was super cool. We also had a talk given to us by Dallin H. Oaks.  That was cool too!  There have been so many blessings and such strength and comfort that I 've felt and I've written about a page a day in my journal.  Its crazy and I was part of my first priesthood blessing that I was the mouthpiece and my companion and I were shaking, it was crazy.

 I'm trying to keep my life story on a "down low" and its worked so far until that blood draw thing then it was hard to keep it on the "down low".  (Jeremy visited the MTC doctor for a mysterious bruise and the doctor ended up taking a blood draw, calling his cardiologist  and called back to say that  Jeremy was fine.) But yeah, all my life story is seeping out.

There's pasta in a few meals and other than that I've been trying to sleep (but not really).

I'll write about all my elders and sisters in our district next week.

Love You,
Elder Jeremy Day

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