Monday, December 15, 2014

Waffles for my birthday #5

December 15 2014

Hey Mom! It’s your son here, guess what! I  had a crazy experience happen.

Every day we go tracting (but we call it finding) and my mission companion said a prayer "that we might find someone according to our faith" right before our 4 hour tracting adventure on Thursday and it got me thinking about the faith that people have in different things. 

I thought about the faith Daniel had from the Old Testament in God and his power of being guided by him when he interpreted king Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the stone rolling and the statue man made of different metals and its meaning.  (Daniel 2) 

Also I felt kind of like the man in the New Testament whose son was with an infirmary and he asks Jesus to heal his son according to his faith and when he tells that he has the faith but he wants his faith helped to be strengthened and then Jesus works the miracle,  (John 4:47)

 I kind of had that running in my head right before we got out to find, saying that “I had the faith, but help my faith be strengthened.”  Mighty miracles happened right after that because the... I think like 12th or 13th door we knocked on there was a family looking for a faith and they let us in and we talked with them about their belief in Christ and the influence of the Holy Ghost and its guidance in each of all of our lives. We then talked about the prophets of the Bible and God's word from the 10 commandments and the things that Jesus taught in the New Testament.  We are going back on Thursday to talk with them more and it is really fun and exciting when people open the door and want to talk with us.

There was another instance where we were knocking on doors (finding) in another area and a lady let us in when we asked if we could share the short 2minute video "He is the Gift" about Jesus Christ's birth, if ya haven't seen it yet it is a wonderful video to get in the meaning of Christmas with the holiday remembering the Birth of the Savior coming up soon.  Here is the link to that short clip

 We talked with the lady and her fiancé about their beliefs in Christ and they want us to come back again!! When we left she gave us a pumpkin! A straight up pumpkin just ‘cuz we stopped by! That was awesome. She said we could keep it so I think we will either make something with it or do some other adventurous stuff like carve it or something.

Yesterday was Sunday and we went “finding” for a bit then went to the Bishop's home for dinner and had a potato mix thing with corn and some other foods that... Ham! that was it, it was all super good stuff (I never knew on the mission I would try and eat so much of different kinds of foodstuffs) We then talked with the bishop of our ideas for the area on having the members pray over an area to go find people then we report on where we tracted and what happened in that area.

I'm sending a photo of where we went for breakfast today (Waffle House) and I had 3 bacon pieces, a huge waffle that was a bit smaller then a dinner plate, eggs, hash browns, toast and some water to help wash it all down (it was 7 bucks each so a bit expensive but not that bad.) we are going to go to a museum today most likely and then go to an appointment around 5pm with a member.  (Its Jeremy's birthday today.) 

All the clothing and the letters are always a great blessing so thank you so much. Of the things  I may request (a gps would be extremely helpful) and to give you a heads up I found the flashdrive and the sd card thingy that plugs into the computer so I didn't have to buy one (which is a relief because it is expensive!!).

Food is cheap because all we buy is bread, pasta, instant ramen, cup of noodles, and canned tunafish, along with pb&j and milk. So thats about 30 bucks a week. I  am not sure yet on the time for skype because we are meeting with the Mission President Wednesday, I'll ask him then.

Guess what,  went to the hospital the Tuesday I got into the field (hahaha i didn't tell you cuz you might a’ freaked out) but it was because  had a fever and they just gave me some stuff for it and we took the rest of  the day a bit slower then planned. We have a car so that always helps but we gotta keep it within the miles limit (30 a day, which may seem like a lot but when the entire area you are in is 10 minutes from one end to the other it tallies up fast).

The members are amazing here and we have about 2 nights a week where we do splits. Being a missionary is rough and exhausting but it is definitely worth it, I have grown so much in the past month.  I have been out here on the mission with scriptural knowledge as well as talking with others (which yes, I still always can improve on).

 Cleaning the rain gutters of one of our investigator's house they live in. it was fun! (and there are a ton of leaves in those things... like 3 pounds...)
My prayers at night and in the morning are on average 20 minutes each ‘cuz I am praying for a lot for people back home that they are all doing well and having success in each of their situations. I don't even notice the time go by ‘cuz there are so many people that I am always thinking about and doing well like our family, our extended family, our neighbors and friends and those in our ward as well as the people I have met throughout my travels and the other people on missions that I know (and even those that I don't) that with the careers or work or school or even the events that go on in our lives that we may all feel a peace and love from God as well as those we come in contact with and to know that we all have someone to help us no matter what situation we are in. I hope the family and all the people we know have that feeling of love for one another, not just because of this holiday season, but because it is true all year round. I am sending a letter to the house and it has a letter for each family member, hope you enjoy them!)

Love you so much! and talk to ya next week!’ (on Christmas Day)

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