Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dulcimers, and magic? hats

Hey hey hey its Elder Day again, I have been living the life here and because it was Martin Luther King day yesterday, (and the libraries are closed for emailing)  the mission president had our preparation day (p-day)  put to today.

Guess what happened, I found an instrument I really like playing and I can play a ton of church songs on it too, it’s called a dulcimer. It has 4 strings but 2 are the exact same note and octave, it is tuned to D, A, D and the guy who talked with me about it was an inactive member so I was like "hey you should come back" and we talked about it and he's like "alright, I’ll try it out again." that was last p-day, a lot has happened since then.
The dulcimer
 I went to a place called Bdubbs (really its buffalo wild wings and I got the honey mustard boneless chicken wings because Thursdays they were halfoff) it was super good.

It turns out some of the missionaries have a card to get other people for free to a gym so we have been up at 5:50 because it takes 15 min to get there and we get picked up by the zone leaders who come as well so we have all of us working out (and I can now pump out 5 reps of 165! I have also gained 3 pounds... I’m 128) I am getting uber ripped but i always wear the super thick sweater and we have the slacks so... I feel good inside too :)

There is a brother in the ward named Hidden Canite (write to me how you pronounce that name and i'll let ya know next week) who just got his mission call leaving to Columbia in March and so we have had him come out with us for the last 4 days for like 5 hrs. a day. He loves the work and we love having him.

We go on splits a lot and have found a few new people who are interested in the gospel, a lady named Caroline who is a slightly older lady then us (in her 40's?) and she loves what we shared with her. We just were knocking doors with Hidden and she was like "yeah come on in boys". Hidden's younger brother, Shone who is 17,was with us.

While we were checking up on some people in an area I thought "Hey we should stop by this house" and so we did and we were able to teach two people, an older couple named John and Tia, they are super cool and have amazing questions about the gospel like about the apostasy mentioned in Amos and 2nd Timothy chap 4 and other things like that. John is a bass player for a Baptist church and Tia is a lady who helps the homeless at another Baptist ministry.

There was a kid named Kaden (7yr old) who saw us passing by and said "Hey you're the missionaries, have ya seen my momma today?" and we as missionaries had no idea there were members in that area so we said "not yet, which door is it man" and he pointed it out, we said thanks and we stopped by that house and there were 3 people who we talked with in that house alone who hadn't been to any church in years and they wanted to go back but they felt they wanted someone to know they were there and had some other questions we were able to answer and they came to church the next day! Crazy the miracles God has for each and every one of us.

I am rewriting the Fresh Prince song to work for missionaries when we are knocking doors and its turned out good so far. I have also figured out the rubix cube thanks to lunch hour we eat for 10 minutes then either study, clean, sleep or do something like Elder Hopkins showing me the rubix cube. 

The magic missionary hat
The hat that I wear I call it "the magic missionary hat" because usually when I wear it and we talk with people on the street or passing by they stop and they say "nice hat" and stuff like that. Then we ask them about the Book of Mormon and what they know, want to know more about it.

Monday was my first day I tracted from 11-8pm with an hour break for lunch and we had a ton of potentials and one lesson at the end of the night. That was super fun! We talked to so many people and started laughing when this guy opened the door and looked at us, said "blankity blank you people are everywhere, not today boys". We’re pretty sure he was not all the bit together but it was still fun seeing that and seeing that every time we were tired of tracting there would be someone that would be super interested, but usually they were leaving somewhere... we have been jammin' out to gospel music a lot, the Praise Jesus Stuff which is super awesome! I am groovin’ in my shoes every time. 

Hope your week is wonderful!
check this video out about the Book of Mormon 

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