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Missionary Christmas #7

December 29, 2014

Hey dad and mom!

So this week I won't really send a photo ‘cuz I left my camera at home but I will say this, we had a lots of fun this week. We had a huge Christmas Eve dinner and stuff so we got to see like half the ward in 2 houses and I ate so much food again, I was gunna explode! We also played some foosball with the youth and I beat one kid but everyone else whooped my butt in it, like 10-4 usually. That was Christmas Eve, for Christmas we opened our gifts and thank you so much for the gratitude journal and the ties/utility knife and the socks, we always love getting socks. We went over to the zone leaders place and played “rock ‘em sock ‘em robots” with remote control moving robots and that was hardcore, then we went to see some less active and other ward members, skyped, got some freaking glorious southern cooking meal from an investigator and then went to go see another member and talk with her about her job and how she loves the scriptures and the stories we shared.

When we were tracting we knocked into a family and they asked about the way we can find truth and I don't even remember what happened but I talked about (from what my comp said) the role of the scriptures and the holy ghost and its role, the next day we got a text that said she wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon so we are going over today to get the mom one. I’m so excited! We are seeing Leon, an investigator we have who is really good at the piano and we are giving him a hymnbook and writing our testimonies in it. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church but wasn't in town this past Sunday but he said "as a man of my word I will come" so we are praying for him to be able to come and always checking up with him.

We went to Shoney's all you can eat buffet with a member and I kind of ate way too much cheap seafood ‘cuz it was seafood night but we managed to pull through the night and get back with no bad stuff happening. We also have another investigator who is a Sunday school teacher in another church and every time we teach him I feel like the questions he asks always help me learn more and more about the bible and its history and stuff. Its really crazy how the Lord helps us with our weaknesses just by putting people in our path.

Today is zone p-day (preparation day) where from 1:30-5pm we are playing Oompa in the stake center gym (its ultimate Frisbee in a gym with a football and to score a point the football's got to go in the basketball hoop.) so I’m kind of nervous about how long I can go and play but it'll be good and fun cuz I’ll take breaks and stuff.

I realized something in church yesterday with Christmas and New Years being so close together and thought how that might not be a coincidence because Christmas is a holiday of remembering something new (the birth of a child) and the beginning of a long foreseen event that will bring new hope to the world with the beginning of the ministry and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ so that we may all start anew, as well as new years, something that we can see months in advance and for many the symbol of a new chance or new age where we can have that opportunity to work on fixing the past or setting goals to help us change and be better people, just with the atonement and repentance process.

Everything seems to happen for a reason, and new opportunities are always possible and change for whatever goals we want to achieve (whether they be setting a goal of losing a few pounds [or in my case gaining] or just being better people in our society in little ways here and there). Just a bit of thoughts that went on in my head. Thank you for the photos! And here is one for the holidays of a picture of me, my trainer (we call our first companion and trainer father) and his trainer (so this would be my grandpa for the mission)
 Elder Day

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