Monday, February 23, 2015

Everyone else is getting transferred....

The last 4 days were crazy, so Elder Hopkins is getting transferred and I am staying, also the two sisters in the area are getting transferred as well so as of this upcoming Tuesday I will be the only one who knows the area. 

Remembering names is hard but I found i have received a lot of help. I also love listening to talks that we download from LDS.Org

One of the members of the ward had a baptism and we were able to invite Jainlys and she came!!!! She witnessed Brody 's baptism and she was really impressed with the entire thing. We have seen her grow a ton with the things she is learning about the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and are grateful for the growth she has seen also in herself.  She fed us an authentic Italian meal and we were able to revel in its glorious deliciousness, however the next day I had a slight headache and took my temp and it was 99.6 so we just kinda were studying a lot that day and I took a long nap and was all right afterwards.

We are honored and blessed to again go tracting and met a lady from Bosnia who when we first answered the door she was like "I don't speak good English" then we mentioned Mormon and her face lit up and she talked with us for 25 minutes about how much she liked Mitt Romney and the Book of Mormon and God, she had some questions about why there were many bad people in the world and why God let them do these things, and we told her that we don't know all the answers but one thing we do know is that God gives all men a fundamental right to choose between right and wrong and whichever we choose, there will be an effect upon us no matter what. 

We also talked with a lot of people who were not coming to church that often, they noticed the difference of going to church and keeping at least one day of the week to be with the family and remembering God in our upmost of mind and how the effect would have on the rest of the week. 

We have seen miracles and blessings of many things that are going on here.

PS  Hey mom (and all others), don't worry (about my weightlifting at the Gym), I'll stop at 100lbs  and its not crazy weights, just lifting, no actual benching. 

Love ya,

Elder Day

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