Friday, February 20, 2015

Mario Moustaches for Valentines, Power outages and snow

February 18, 2015

Life has been good here and I just wanted to tell about some few fun things that have been happening.  You might notice that I am emailing on a Wednesday, that is because Monday was a holiday and Monday night it snowed so hard (3 inches of snow) that the entire city shut down. 80% of the restaurants were closed and we were unable to use our car for that morning of Tuesday (our preparation day) because... snow.

A few days before it was really windy and it knocked down a power line so we didn't have power for 2 days (that was crazy because it was the two coldest days of the entire time I have been in Virginia, it got a high of like 26 degrees? and I think the low was -3) so we saw our breath inside our apartment when we woke up at 6:30am and since it was Sunday we quickly got ready for the day and then booked it over to the church building for our personal and companion study because it was warm there. 

A family in the ward gave us moustaches for valentines day so we took some cool photos with them on and there was nothing really done all that huge for pday.

We taught Jainlys last Thursday she had bought us 5 big brown bags of groceries and just gave them to us so we were cooking after the power came back on.  We are tracting a lot more again and meeting more and more people ready to hear the message we share.

Its awesome being a missionary, that's for sure, we go to the gym almost every morning and I can now bench almost 100 pounds again on the weights they got there!

I made a duplo bridge during p-day and am learning more about the bible and its teachings on the concepts of important gospel doctrine, such as the nature of God, and what the prophets teach about stuff like that, also the book of Enoch and what happened with it.

Elder Day

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