Saturday, February 7, 2015

Superslow first snowman in VA

February 3, 2015  after the Superbowl

Aye Mom, surprisingly a lot of people here didn't want the Patriots to win from whom we talked to. Weird right?  New England is super close for them, ... 

What happened was basically super slow  instead of Superbowl.  The Superbowl was Sunday, we tried (and mostly succeed) in planning the entire day with lessons. It was an awesome day for visiting people. People always ask us what food we like to eat and my companion immediately says "this guy really loves pasta" which is true, but yes even I can get tired of pasta now and again if I have it 3 meals a day.

 Pday was on Tuesday instead of Monday due to some meetings, so we had a ton of stuff going on and it threw off our schedule. Threw off the rhythm of the beat! I know tons of stuff goes on during a mission and too many things happen but when pday switches... it just made the week super slow. Something super important I think I have learned for myself out here is the experiences of different people and to know that life just keeps on going, it just doesn't stop.  We just got to keep going through any trial we have.

 Richmond is COLD and I was not prepared for the weather. I made my first snowman last week with the 8th inch of snow on the ground! his name is Jim, he is a good snowman...
 There wasn't much snow and the weather always happens at night. 

Jim is a good snowman
You asked about our teaching pool- we have 13 investigators and 5 on a date for baptism, 8 of them we found tracting and the rest were from the last elders tracting so it is crazy... We prepare by knowing the lessons and focusing on how the questions the people have we teach are relating to any lessons in particular.

One of the investigators we have works at a nightclub as a security guard. We’ve talked with him about the feelings he gets when he is in the club and the feelings he gets when he is in church or reads the Book of Mormon and he has said he notices a big difference. He is looking for a new job so he can reach His goal of being baptized Feb 28th. He is awesome and we found him tracting on a rainy day, the first lesson we taught with him (the Restoration) we discussed the inner peace he felt when talking about God caring for him. He also asked when he could be baptized the first lesson when we asked him the question of Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper Priesthood Authority from God? It was a miracle.

I have been learning a lot about Daniel in the Old Testament when he was following what God had asked of him and he received blessings for it. That is something to me that I have learned. Follow what God tells us and even though it'll be hard, life will turn out all right. Our Mission President came to our congregation and everyone knew except us apparently that he was coming; no one wanted to get us in the loop. But ahh well it happens. I shared what I know by the power of bearing witness and seeking for the truth we will know what to search for with help from places all around us.

I have also taken the challenge Grandpa Harlan and Grandpa LaVelle and Grandma Mary Alice and Grandma Marie have said, that short statements of what you know of truth are the most powerful. We had someone interested in the church come to church today, his name is Leon Trader and he was a gospel pianist for an Episcopal church for 20 years. He is really good at that piano.... we gave him a church songbook. He really likes it a lot.

love ya mom
Your son

Elder Day


  1. So many people gong for baptism! Yay! I hope they can get the ward as on fire as they are to find their friends!

  2. I love reading these letters! Thank you for sharing them !