Monday, February 9, 2015

Up!, Journals and Jams

Yo! Yo! Yo!
Hey mom and dad!

This week has been interesting, last Monday we (at like 8:30pm) Elder Hopkins had pop into his mind "hey we should stop by Dion's place" this was a guy who always was never home but really wanted to talk with us and we stopped by and guess what... he was home!! We were able to talk with him about the importance of prayer and the power it has. We then had (i think) 4 days of sunshine!!! it hit 4 in a row! What the heck! Apparently that doesn't happen in February!!

 We went with a member to visit people and were able to stop by a few people who let us in and talked with us about their life and we shared a spiritual thought with them. We also had a spiritual message we were thinking about and thought that I might want to put it in this email as well. And whether someone is religious or not it is still an important one and that is the importance of journals.

I think about history and everything that we have was written down and kept for another generation so that we can read about it, even if we think that there is nothing of importance or good that is happening in our lives, so did those in the past when they wrote about all their trials. I don't think the people in world war 1 wrote every day exciting and happy things, sometimes it was mundane or not fun, but we kept it and learned from it and it helps us learn about how to improve and what it was like. It’s the same with diaries, like the Diary of Anne Frank. What would a happened if she never kept a journal? We might have not as an in depth understanding of things that went on during World War 2.

 Even with people living in the 1800's talking about an idea to improve the effectiveness of some sort of farming idea, same with newspapers and the writers that talked (wrote short journals) on what happened in that era or time. I have been trying a ton to work on writing in my journal because i can't remember some things in life and it frustrates me a ton and I can't go back to refresh my memory.

The second is being able to write down in a notebook 1 new thing positive every day. Just like with the movie “Up” and Carl where he remembered the past and dwelled upon remembering the things he wanted to do but was never able to and when he looked at "my adventure book" he saw, much later on, the photos that his wife had put in the book as her great adventures. how much more positive could life have, or will be, when we are focusing on positive things, yes acknowledging the negative as well but not dwelling, but improving upon them to make a positive come of it by learning and improving.

 We had 2 people come to church that we are teaching!!! Jainlys and Leon! Jainlys is an older Italian woman that lived in Brazil as well and received a book of Mormon from Brazilian elders and Italian elders and Spanish elders and now English elders (us). Both are super excited to come to church and Jainlys is going with a few of the members to a single adult dance (she even signed up to bring snacks for it! and its her first week at church! crazybuisness!!). We have seen a ton of blessings and fasted yesterday (Sunday) and saw The Lord's hand work (or maybe as looking for it recognized it more, because He always is helping wherever we look.

yo and guess what, wearing' my grandpa jams- warm pajamas! 

Elder Jeremy Day

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