Monday, March 30, 2015

Noodle Boy (its not about pasta!)

March 31, 2015

This week we had a crazy thing happen, we had no set lessons that we taught because all the investigators we have were out of town  (Easter Break) so we did a ton of Finding and the more we find, the more awesome people we find that want to hear the message of developing Faith in Jesus Christ. Its super awesome!

At our last preparation day  (our day off) we played Risk with 4 other elders and the game was 45minutes long because I whipped everyone off the board. Most everyone was trying to conquer each other on the board when I just took 3 continents and held them for 3 turns then just went "Total Domination" status from stockpiling my people so I had an army of like 55 to start invading,.

We have a "more fit for the kingdom" program for missionaries (exercise) so they (the overweight ones- not me) can lose weight and they gain points overall for the amount of weight lost and I literally eat so much and lose it so fast I don't know what to do!! It’s freaking hard to gain weight for me let alone if I lose any more poundage I literally will be "noodle boy" (as some of the elders have started to call me).

I am starting to write a thesis about the life of Jesus Christ and the His attributes that have been taught and how they have developed our society.  I have put into place in my life what advancements have come from them in my personal study. I was asked to give a training message to other missionaries.  I went up in front of a group of missionaries and taught about the importance of an aspect of missionary work and have them develop ways to apply it in their own work to help them.  My topic I selected was on Obedience, honestly one of my favorite topics ever. I might not be perfect but I am trying to follow the guidelines of the mission and what Jesus Christ has taught and I have seen a crazy amount of growth in myself in being more patient, helpful, friendly and more loving and overall happy with whatever happens throughout the mission work.

I'm so glad I chose to do this mission and I can see the blessings of those that we teach be blessed by God as well.

Love ya

Elder Day

Car Crash-

March 23, 2015

The weather is becoming so grand its fantastic, no more wool socks!! and I’m putting away my long johns for next winter (slowly but surely) and I hear from all the people we talk with that allergy season is coming up here as well so I am wondering if i am allergic to anything. 

There have been no real changes besides we are talking with everyone because we were walking everywhere and bumming rides for like 2 days because we got in a car wreck (that’s what happened with the car last week, it got wrecked) and we got a replacement that was being retired but apparently we can use it. And it was a car my companion used in a previous area. 

The Crashed Car 
I got a haircut from my companion and he did a great job (I don't need to worry about cutting my hair until another 6 months at least)! Interesting fact, we email at a  high-class library that has touch screen computers!

We went to a going away event for a soon to be missionary in the congregation I am at. His name is Garnett Hidden Canite and he is a champion. I love that bro and will miss him coming out with us missionaries, he gave us a shout out in his church talk "I’d like to thank Elder Day and Elder Walker for their awesome experiences they have shared with me and the adventures we have had" so that was bom-diggity. We got soooo much food from that thing,  (the open house afterwards) our fridge went from a half gallon of milk in it to 17 pounds of soup and like 8 pounds of rice noodles stacked upon each other.... I am getting so sick of noodle soup but it is sooo goood!!! I can't stop eating it!!!! 

Speaking of food we had a dinner and lesson with Jainlys (the Brazilian lady) and a member of the congregation named Faye Mullins .  Faye is an 80yr old lady from South Carolina who made some freaking amazing fried chicken and is one of those people that can say anything because she is 80 years old and you just love her so much and she is always asking our investigators when they will join the church and they always give her a hug and smile and stuff like that).

Love ya

Elder Day

Because Elder Day did not report any injuries, we are assuming everyone is fine from the car accident.  He is not a driver on his mission since he did not have his license a year when he left.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cars, flying machines...

March 16, 2015 

This week we went finding a lot and had a lot of different things going on (like something was wrong with our car so we had to get a maintenance check on it so we were on foot for 2 days, but it was super fun!) We are seeing the changes from winter to spring (and about 2 days ago I stopped wearing wool socks for the first day since coming out on the mission) so it is getting much warmer. I am learning new things every day.

We have a car back in the shop now because they are still fixing whatever is wrong with it and we are just sad cuz many of our proselyting materials are in the car and we haven't been able to get it back yet! (my bear hat is also trapped in the car.) But we will so that’s good.

 We had mission president interviews on Friday and (I call him) Mr. President Wilson (but usually just President Wilson) and I had a good conversation on the key of being obedient. He has a lot of good advice and he is an awesome guy to talk with.

We had 2 member meals Sunday and that was crazy (one for lunch and one for dinner) and apparently that only ever happens in Utah... so I was super excited!!

Sitting on a 1970's flying machine 
Life is well and I hope you are doing well. when teaching we found a Jewish dude who taught flying at a military base in the 70's and one of his students created a flying machine back in the early 70's so I got a picture on it. It’s awesome.

Bryce Forbes Cousin 
Do you remember Bryce Forbes's cousin who went on the pioneer trek with us? He is in my district and we hang out with them every Monday- our preparation day it seems. Life here is super fun and the weather is getting better all the time

Love, Elder Day

Sugar Shack to Bethlehem

March 9, 2015

We had a zone meeting and listened to the zone leaders and sister training leaders talk about the importance of obedience in the mission especially relating to music with feeling the Holy Ghost. It was good. 

We finally have light outside past 5pm so we don't get as many people mad at us and asking us "do you know what time it is?!?" and we say "yes mam, its 5:45pm" and they get mad at us for knocking on their door so late at night. But its still fun. 

We had many opportunities to share the gospel with many people and found more and more people who are interested in hearing the message we share about Jesus Christ and helping each and every one of us develop our faith more in Him and God and the plan they have to help us grow. 

There was a member of the ward that requested a blessing and we gave one to her and then she thanked us and gave us a ton of stuff!! … pictures and theological books and stuff like that, it was so cool! But I think the coolest thing is knowing that people recognize the power of God working through people and having a blessing of comfort.

Another thing happened that was awesome! Someone we had been teaching the last time we went to their house they said "here, rip this to shreds and burn this, I’m done. God wants me to stop and I need to recognize that and use the atonement of Jesus Christ to quit" and she handed us a pack of cigarettes, so we went outside and doused it in gasoline and lit it on fire, freak yeahh!! Burning up cigarettes!! 
Wearing mission acquisitions- Sugar Shack shirt, sweatshirt, dulcimer instrument..  

My companion and I saw that I had a lot of stuff so I wore it all and we took a photo shoot thing right before we went to bed, it is awesome. Sugar Shack is a place that makes homemade super big doughnuts that are like 2 bucks a donut, each as big as my face... my favorite is the Maple Bacon kind... with real Bacon strips on it. It was awesome.

Walking to Bethlehem Road 
We have been walking to Bethlehem lately and found many people that are interested in hearing the message we share!

Love, Elder Day

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Companion, ice storms and the flu

     Hey whats going on!!
     My new companion's name is Elder Walker and he is from Logan Utah, he really likes the protein shakes and gaining muscle a lot and "pumping irons". I should have taken a picture of the stuff he had, because of the 17 months he has been out on a mission, he hasn't sent anything home... it was awesome!! We stuffed the trunk of the car and the back seats with his suitcases and boxes. Its cool to see it all. There are many things I like about my new companion but one that I can think off the top of my head is probably that he is really involved in the stuff he sets his mind to. That I think is an amazing trait to have. My companion likes pasta, but kind of likes protein shakes more.  He also gave me a blessing and in that blessing apparently I am overstressed and that is why I am feeling sick, don't feel overstressed but “whatevs” . Guess I am? Who knows...

Elder Walker, my new companion and I 
 The people that we are teaching that are not members of the church but are interested in joining and learning are Leon T., Jainlys S., and Christine C.
They all love having the missionaries over and we love teaching them and discussing with them about Jesus Christ and His teachings. There are two people that we had committed to baptism, but one picked up 3 jobs (making it a total of 4) and has barely any time to even sleep, so we haven't been able to get in contact with her in a week or two, the other I think just doesn't really want to tell us to our face they don't want to meet anymore because they said that they had moved to a different address and that address is the local graveyard... we hope he isn't dead.... we are looking more into that today to check up on 'em.

So this past week I have been very sick so Wednesday night through Sunday morning we didn't really go outa the house cuz I threw up Wednesday night after having some super good buffalo wild wings chicken wings (which I still don't regret, it was delicious) and Thursday night we measured my fever and it was like 100.1 so we're like... "ahh guess we can't go out tomorrow really" and it was the worst days that I will probably have on the mission for the sole reason that we just stayed indoors and studied. We went outside to a park on Saturday so that I could get some fresh air because the apartment we have is kind of small and we just needed to be outside.

The weather has been about as up and down as my temperature (but its fine now) so Thursday it snowed, Friday it rained at 50 degrees, Saturday it snowed a bit and Sunday it rained and froze over to create black ice so Sunday we only had church for Sacrament (Meeting the first hour) because the roads were so sketch.

Lately I have been reading the new testament and highlighting  every time Jesus says "my Father" and references the Father in Heaven and reading through the first two gospels in a day (Matthew and Mark) I’ve found he says it a lot.

Wednesday evening we set up for a ward event and had some classic Wal-Mart hotdogs (I had 4... and I think that’s what started my illness, the coconut cake on Thursday night didn't help all that much either now that I think about it... ahh well, it was worth it). 

Life is good, the members heard I was sick so they called us every day to see how I was doing and offered to get us anything we asked, so we told them people that we can teach when I am better, and they all laughed and said they'd work on it.

Elder Day