Monday, March 30, 2015

Car Crash-

March 23, 2015

The weather is becoming so grand its fantastic, no more wool socks!! and I’m putting away my long johns for next winter (slowly but surely) and I hear from all the people we talk with that allergy season is coming up here as well so I am wondering if i am allergic to anything. 

There have been no real changes besides we are talking with everyone because we were walking everywhere and bumming rides for like 2 days because we got in a car wreck (that’s what happened with the car last week, it got wrecked) and we got a replacement that was being retired but apparently we can use it. And it was a car my companion used in a previous area. 

The Crashed Car 
I got a haircut from my companion and he did a great job (I don't need to worry about cutting my hair until another 6 months at least)! Interesting fact, we email at a  high-class library that has touch screen computers!

We went to a going away event for a soon to be missionary in the congregation I am at. His name is Garnett Hidden Canite and he is a champion. I love that bro and will miss him coming out with us missionaries, he gave us a shout out in his church talk "I’d like to thank Elder Day and Elder Walker for their awesome experiences they have shared with me and the adventures we have had" so that was bom-diggity. We got soooo much food from that thing,  (the open house afterwards) our fridge went from a half gallon of milk in it to 17 pounds of soup and like 8 pounds of rice noodles stacked upon each other.... I am getting so sick of noodle soup but it is sooo goood!!! I can't stop eating it!!!! 

Speaking of food we had a dinner and lesson with Jainlys (the Brazilian lady) and a member of the congregation named Faye Mullins .  Faye is an 80yr old lady from South Carolina who made some freaking amazing fried chicken and is one of those people that can say anything because she is 80 years old and you just love her so much and she is always asking our investigators when they will join the church and they always give her a hug and smile and stuff like that).

Love ya

Elder Day

Because Elder Day did not report any injuries, we are assuming everyone is fine from the car accident.  He is not a driver on his mission since he did not have his license a year when he left.  

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