Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cars, flying machines...

March 16, 2015 

This week we went finding a lot and had a lot of different things going on (like something was wrong with our car so we had to get a maintenance check on it so we were on foot for 2 days, but it was super fun!) We are seeing the changes from winter to spring (and about 2 days ago I stopped wearing wool socks for the first day since coming out on the mission) so it is getting much warmer. I am learning new things every day.

We have a car back in the shop now because they are still fixing whatever is wrong with it and we are just sad cuz many of our proselyting materials are in the car and we haven't been able to get it back yet! (my bear hat is also trapped in the car.) But we will so that’s good.

 We had mission president interviews on Friday and (I call him) Mr. President Wilson (but usually just President Wilson) and I had a good conversation on the key of being obedient. He has a lot of good advice and he is an awesome guy to talk with.

We had 2 member meals Sunday and that was crazy (one for lunch and one for dinner) and apparently that only ever happens in Utah... so I was super excited!!

Sitting on a 1970's flying machine 
Life is well and I hope you are doing well. when teaching we found a Jewish dude who taught flying at a military base in the 70's and one of his students created a flying machine back in the early 70's so I got a picture on it. It’s awesome.

Bryce Forbes Cousin 
Do you remember Bryce Forbes's cousin who went on the pioneer trek with us? He is in my district and we hang out with them every Monday- our preparation day it seems. Life here is super fun and the weather is getting better all the time

Love, Elder Day

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