Monday, March 2, 2015

New Companion, ice storms and the flu

     Hey whats going on!!
     My new companion's name is Elder Walker and he is from Logan Utah, he really likes the protein shakes and gaining muscle a lot and "pumping irons". I should have taken a picture of the stuff he had, because of the 17 months he has been out on a mission, he hasn't sent anything home... it was awesome!! We stuffed the trunk of the car and the back seats with his suitcases and boxes. Its cool to see it all. There are many things I like about my new companion but one that I can think off the top of my head is probably that he is really involved in the stuff he sets his mind to. That I think is an amazing trait to have. My companion likes pasta, but kind of likes protein shakes more.  He also gave me a blessing and in that blessing apparently I am overstressed and that is why I am feeling sick, don't feel overstressed but “whatevs” . Guess I am? Who knows...

Elder Walker, my new companion and I 
 The people that we are teaching that are not members of the church but are interested in joining and learning are Leon T., Jainlys S., and Christine C.
They all love having the missionaries over and we love teaching them and discussing with them about Jesus Christ and His teachings. There are two people that we had committed to baptism, but one picked up 3 jobs (making it a total of 4) and has barely any time to even sleep, so we haven't been able to get in contact with her in a week or two, the other I think just doesn't really want to tell us to our face they don't want to meet anymore because they said that they had moved to a different address and that address is the local graveyard... we hope he isn't dead.... we are looking more into that today to check up on 'em.

So this past week I have been very sick so Wednesday night through Sunday morning we didn't really go outa the house cuz I threw up Wednesday night after having some super good buffalo wild wings chicken wings (which I still don't regret, it was delicious) and Thursday night we measured my fever and it was like 100.1 so we're like... "ahh guess we can't go out tomorrow really" and it was the worst days that I will probably have on the mission for the sole reason that we just stayed indoors and studied. We went outside to a park on Saturday so that I could get some fresh air because the apartment we have is kind of small and we just needed to be outside.

The weather has been about as up and down as my temperature (but its fine now) so Thursday it snowed, Friday it rained at 50 degrees, Saturday it snowed a bit and Sunday it rained and froze over to create black ice so Sunday we only had church for Sacrament (Meeting the first hour) because the roads were so sketch.

Lately I have been reading the new testament and highlighting  every time Jesus says "my Father" and references the Father in Heaven and reading through the first two gospels in a day (Matthew and Mark) I’ve found he says it a lot.

Wednesday evening we set up for a ward event and had some classic Wal-Mart hotdogs (I had 4... and I think that’s what started my illness, the coconut cake on Thursday night didn't help all that much either now that I think about it... ahh well, it was worth it). 

Life is good, the members heard I was sick so they called us every day to see how I was doing and offered to get us anything we asked, so we told them people that we can teach when I am better, and they all laughed and said they'd work on it.

Elder Day

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