Monday, March 30, 2015

Noodle Boy (its not about pasta!)

March 31, 2015

This week we had a crazy thing happen, we had no set lessons that we taught because all the investigators we have were out of town  (Easter Break) so we did a ton of Finding and the more we find, the more awesome people we find that want to hear the message of developing Faith in Jesus Christ. Its super awesome!

At our last preparation day  (our day off) we played Risk with 4 other elders and the game was 45minutes long because I whipped everyone off the board. Most everyone was trying to conquer each other on the board when I just took 3 continents and held them for 3 turns then just went "Total Domination" status from stockpiling my people so I had an army of like 55 to start invading,.

We have a "more fit for the kingdom" program for missionaries (exercise) so they (the overweight ones- not me) can lose weight and they gain points overall for the amount of weight lost and I literally eat so much and lose it so fast I don't know what to do!! It’s freaking hard to gain weight for me let alone if I lose any more poundage I literally will be "noodle boy" (as some of the elders have started to call me).

I am starting to write a thesis about the life of Jesus Christ and the His attributes that have been taught and how they have developed our society.  I have put into place in my life what advancements have come from them in my personal study. I was asked to give a training message to other missionaries.  I went up in front of a group of missionaries and taught about the importance of an aspect of missionary work and have them develop ways to apply it in their own work to help them.  My topic I selected was on Obedience, honestly one of my favorite topics ever. I might not be perfect but I am trying to follow the guidelines of the mission and what Jesus Christ has taught and I have seen a crazy amount of growth in myself in being more patient, helpful, friendly and more loving and overall happy with whatever happens throughout the mission work.

I'm so glad I chose to do this mission and I can see the blessings of those that we teach be blessed by God as well.

Love ya

Elder Day

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