Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sugar Shack to Bethlehem

March 9, 2015

We had a zone meeting and listened to the zone leaders and sister training leaders talk about the importance of obedience in the mission especially relating to music with feeling the Holy Ghost. It was good. 

We finally have light outside past 5pm so we don't get as many people mad at us and asking us "do you know what time it is?!?" and we say "yes mam, its 5:45pm" and they get mad at us for knocking on their door so late at night. But its still fun. 

We had many opportunities to share the gospel with many people and found more and more people who are interested in hearing the message we share about Jesus Christ and helping each and every one of us develop our faith more in Him and God and the plan they have to help us grow. 

There was a member of the ward that requested a blessing and we gave one to her and then she thanked us and gave us a ton of stuff!! … pictures and theological books and stuff like that, it was so cool! But I think the coolest thing is knowing that people recognize the power of God working through people and having a blessing of comfort.

Another thing happened that was awesome! Someone we had been teaching the last time we went to their house they said "here, rip this to shreds and burn this, I’m done. God wants me to stop and I need to recognize that and use the atonement of Jesus Christ to quit" and she handed us a pack of cigarettes, so we went outside and doused it in gasoline and lit it on fire, freak yeahh!! Burning up cigarettes!! 
Wearing mission acquisitions- Sugar Shack shirt, sweatshirt, dulcimer instrument..  

My companion and I saw that I had a lot of stuff so I wore it all and we took a photo shoot thing right before we went to bed, it is awesome. Sugar Shack is a place that makes homemade super big doughnuts that are like 2 bucks a donut, each as big as my face... my favorite is the Maple Bacon kind... with real Bacon strips on it. It was awesome.

Walking to Bethlehem Road 
We have been walking to Bethlehem lately and found many people that are interested in hearing the message we share!

Love, Elder Day

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