Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some of the people we teach...

April 27, 2015

This week was a trip; first of all we had.... agh where to begin? 

Monday we taught a recent convert Casey W. more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then we were up and about all day Tuesday with a member named Brother Turner (who was a member of the area 70 for the Waynesboro Virginia area a whole long time ago.) and every Tuesday we go with him and go see people that are 40 miles away who are still in the Ward boundaries and we talked with a guy named Ricky who is interested in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is in his 60's and we talked with his wife as well and she basically said "I got my Jesus stuff down alright, you talk with my husband. He needs it". So we did. Ricky is super cool and he reads the Bible every day and is learning more and more about Jesus Christ. 

     Wednesday-Friday is kind of a blurr besides we had a lot of stuff that we did. We had a infestation of bugs in our apartment in the sugar and pasta section of our apartment so we cleaned that out and that was.... really sad for me because I   had to get rid of uncooked pasta :'( tears were shed in the inside. Saturday we went by an appointment we had set up with a referral family we had received and guess what, the entire family wants to learn about the things we teach! Devin (the dad who is in his 30's) was on the All-American college basketball team about 10 or 12 years back but then he met Michelle and they had a kid named Demario (who is 10 now) and Donivan is 7. Devin wants his kids to learn about Jesus Christ and God in any way they can and so does Michelle. Michelle (from what we heard) was really mad at Devin for accidentally scheduling our visit for when she had to go into work that morning and we were all kind of chuckling about it. They want to progress and after our first lesson with them Devin told us that the things we are teaching are for him too and he wants to learn about it. It was super solid and the Spirit of God was super strong. 

We met also with a WW2 veteran named Smokey Schrader who is the parent of a member we helped move. He is interested as well and said that all of his extended family is pretty much of our faith and he wants to know a lot more about it (the dude is 91! and he is crazy cool). We also met with Michelle (another lady we are teaching) and she bore her testimony of Jesus Christ to us and what she knows is true. It was fantastic! There was a time on Sunday where all 3 of us were just a wreck (tired) but looking back I can see how The Lord is blessing us and touching the hearts of those we meet.

Elder Day

Taking one for the team, one Lasagna at a time

April 20, 2014

My new address is 107 Community Way #522 Staunton VA 24401

I am in a trio- three of us together now (which basically means instead of a dynamic duo of me and another person its not a terrific trio because there are 3 of us.) are freaking amazing,

 Elder Todd is a super caring and awesome guy and is profound in the scriptures (he has pretty much every scripture memorized in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and you might think that's impossible but it is not... ‘cuz he has it all down.) and Elder Hansen is the Guru of anime, movies and videogames but is still way more knowledgeable then me for the mission. Freaking amazing trio we have. Whatever one of us lacks, the other two make up for it no matter what. Going to church in the Staunton Virginia area is awesome because everyone is farmers or crazy (awesome that is) or both. 

We cleaned out a chicken coop Saturday and because I had food poisoning from eating too much uncooked meat in the lasagna a member made for us on Tuesday, we kind of took it easy for a day or two. Thankfully (unknowingly) since I ate the entire pan of lasagna that the members made us, none of the family or my companions had to suffer those shenanigans. (Maybe I just ate too much) Taking one for the team... one Lasagna at a time.

Staunton, VA (stockphoto) 

Staunton, VA (stockphoto)
Downtown Staunton is literally covered in antique shops and I knew how many cool ties and stuff you could find in an antique shop (like a tie for the movie Jurassic Park) and stuff like that. 

Elder Todd was super worried about me when I was sick and wanted to work, so we pulled out the walker we had in the closet and he had (made) me use it the day after I had the food poisoning for near the entire day. We were able to teach a few recent converts and talk to them about the importance of learning more and constantly strengthening their testimony in Jesus Christ.

Oh, also crazy story, so my ride up to Staunton I was with Ian, a member of the Staunton Ward who... guess what... apparently his sister knows Ryan form the Milan Italy Mission (because they served in the same place somewhere) and the day that we were driving up, found out that his sister had hung out with Ryan the previous Friday. Weird coincidences that are Godsend to have me feel more at home, first in Glen Allen (my previous area)  it was the member who served in the Spanish Branch in our Valencia Stake (or group of congregations) in 1991-93 now its the member who’s sister knows my bro! (Plus he reminds me a ton of Adam and Alex Howard combined, which is super cool too).  
Where is Staunton, Va- In the Shenendoah Valley of Western Virginia .  Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson 

Elder Day

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Transfer to... (Dang Mary Baldwin! )

April 13, 2015

So found out where I am being transferred to and its the good old’ Staunton area which is so crazy.

We work with a lot of college students at the all-girls school of Mary Baldwin and one of the students was baptized on Saturday. It was a ruckus because housing selection was right when the scheduled baptism was supposed to happen and we were like "Mary Baldwin, dang you!!" so we just moved it up an hour so Dylan could be baptized.   Cool story- another person we have been working with got baptized that day too!! His name is Casey Welch and he is a construction worker whose family are members so his uncle was able to baptize him.
The campus of Mary Baldwin College, a private women's college in Staunton, VA 

After the hectic Saturday we just kind of have been...

Elder Hansen and Elder Todd on Baptismal Font watch 
Oh I am in a trio here with some of the greatest missionaries known on the face of the planet. Elder Todd and Elder Hansen! This is a picture of elder Hansen (the taller one) and Elder Todd as we were playing the card game Taboo while the baptismal font was filling up (because we had to make sure it didn't overflow because it happened before). Love being in a trio of missionaries. Oh and spring is finally here because flowers, wasps and pollen (oh my!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Transfer coming...

Hey mom, we loved conference.

One of the sessions we watched at a member's house and they made us matching ties! Also an investigator we have came with us to watch the Sunday afternoon session. I am getting transferred to a new area with a new companion so I don't know where I am going until tomorrow and the permanent address is 9327 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 1-B Richmond VA 23235

 I went on a missionary exchange with Elder Hudson (the Elder that is cousins with Bryce Forbes and went on the Pioneer Trek with us) where my companion went to his area and he came to mine for a day and we were talking to a ton of people and found new people who are interested in listening about the teachings of Jesus Christ!! Its awesome to see all the stuff going on here.

I had Cactus salad at a member's house for dinner and then later we stopped by a family who is investigating the church and we helped work in their yard and took turns on break to be able to keep the kids distracted.  Their 13yr old daughter whooped both of us in the arcade basketball shooting thing that you have a timer and shoot as many as possible then one or the other wins, totally lost but I beat my companion.

I am going to miss my companion Elder Walker, He is a champion elder who has taught me so much about the mission and the people.

I loved all the General Conference talks I was awake for (which was all of them) but especially liked the one where Elder Holland talked about the two brothers (Sunday Morning) and the one about tuning the instruments to dance to the music of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don't have any pictures for this week but I’ll get there.

Love ya Mom

Your Son 

Elder Day

We found this on the mission website with photos of transfer day...  I guess he is excited:) 
This is a photo of the missionaries in the Virginia Richmond Mission December 2014.  Jeremy is front and center.