Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Transfer to... (Dang Mary Baldwin! )

April 13, 2015

So found out where I am being transferred to and its the good old’ Staunton area which is so crazy.

We work with a lot of college students at the all-girls school of Mary Baldwin and one of the students was baptized on Saturday. It was a ruckus because housing selection was right when the scheduled baptism was supposed to happen and we were like "Mary Baldwin, dang you!!" so we just moved it up an hour so Dylan could be baptized.   Cool story- another person we have been working with got baptized that day too!! His name is Casey Welch and he is a construction worker whose family are members so his uncle was able to baptize him.
The campus of Mary Baldwin College, a private women's college in Staunton, VA 

After the hectic Saturday we just kind of have been...

Elder Hansen and Elder Todd on Baptismal Font watch 
Oh I am in a trio here with some of the greatest missionaries known on the face of the planet. Elder Todd and Elder Hansen! This is a picture of elder Hansen (the taller one) and Elder Todd as we were playing the card game Taboo while the baptismal font was filling up (because we had to make sure it didn't overflow because it happened before). Love being in a trio of missionaries. Oh and spring is finally here because flowers, wasps and pollen (oh my!)

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