Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taking one for the team, one Lasagna at a time

April 20, 2014

My new address is 107 Community Way #522 Staunton VA 24401

I am in a trio- three of us together now (which basically means instead of a dynamic duo of me and another person its not a terrific trio because there are 3 of us.) are freaking amazing,

 Elder Todd is a super caring and awesome guy and is profound in the scriptures (he has pretty much every scripture memorized in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and you might think that's impossible but it is not... ‘cuz he has it all down.) and Elder Hansen is the Guru of anime, movies and videogames but is still way more knowledgeable then me for the mission. Freaking amazing trio we have. Whatever one of us lacks, the other two make up for it no matter what. Going to church in the Staunton Virginia area is awesome because everyone is farmers or crazy (awesome that is) or both. 

We cleaned out a chicken coop Saturday and because I had food poisoning from eating too much uncooked meat in the lasagna a member made for us on Tuesday, we kind of took it easy for a day or two. Thankfully (unknowingly) since I ate the entire pan of lasagna that the members made us, none of the family or my companions had to suffer those shenanigans. (Maybe I just ate too much) Taking one for the team... one Lasagna at a time.

Staunton, VA (stockphoto) 

Staunton, VA (stockphoto)
Downtown Staunton is literally covered in antique shops and I knew how many cool ties and stuff you could find in an antique shop (like a tie for the movie Jurassic Park) and stuff like that. 

Elder Todd was super worried about me when I was sick and wanted to work, so we pulled out the walker we had in the closet and he had (made) me use it the day after I had the food poisoning for near the entire day. We were able to teach a few recent converts and talk to them about the importance of learning more and constantly strengthening their testimony in Jesus Christ.

Oh, also crazy story, so my ride up to Staunton I was with Ian, a member of the Staunton Ward who... guess what... apparently his sister knows Ryan form the Milan Italy Mission (because they served in the same place somewhere) and the day that we were driving up, found out that his sister had hung out with Ryan the previous Friday. Weird coincidences that are Godsend to have me feel more at home, first in Glen Allen (my previous area)  it was the member who served in the Spanish Branch in our Valencia Stake (or group of congregations) in 1991-93 now its the member who’s sister knows my bro! (Plus he reminds me a ton of Adam and Alex Howard combined, which is super cool too).  
Where is Staunton, Va- In the Shenendoah Valley of Western Virginia .  Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson 

Elder Day

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