Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Transfer coming...

Hey mom, we loved conference.

One of the sessions we watched at a member's house and they made us matching ties! Also an investigator we have came with us to watch the Sunday afternoon session. I am getting transferred to a new area with a new companion so I don't know where I am going until tomorrow and the permanent address is 9327 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 1-B Richmond VA 23235

 I went on a missionary exchange with Elder Hudson (the Elder that is cousins with Bryce Forbes and went on the Pioneer Trek with us) where my companion went to his area and he came to mine for a day and we were talking to a ton of people and found new people who are interested in listening about the teachings of Jesus Christ!! Its awesome to see all the stuff going on here.

I had Cactus salad at a member's house for dinner and then later we stopped by a family who is investigating the church and we helped work in their yard and took turns on break to be able to keep the kids distracted.  Their 13yr old daughter whooped both of us in the arcade basketball shooting thing that you have a timer and shoot as many as possible then one or the other wins, totally lost but I beat my companion.

I am going to miss my companion Elder Walker, He is a champion elder who has taught me so much about the mission and the people.

I loved all the General Conference talks I was awake for (which was all of them) but especially liked the one where Elder Holland talked about the two brothers (Sunday Morning) and the one about tuning the instruments to dance to the music of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don't have any pictures for this week but I’ll get there.

Love ya Mom

Your Son 

Elder Day

We found this on the mission website with photos of transfer day...  I guess he is excited:) 
This is a photo of the missionaries in the Virginia Richmond Mission December 2014.  Jeremy is front and center.

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