Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Antiquing, Finding, Teaching, Goodbye Elder

May 18, 2015

Let’s see, what didn't happen this week.... well we had transfer calls this past Saturday – every 6 weeks an opportunity to change locations- so I am staying in Staunton for this next 6 weeks, that should be exciting, but our trio of missionaries is breaking up and it is going to become a duo soon.

Elder Hansen is leaving this Tuesday for who knows where... and this is Elder Todd's last 6 weeks on the mission so I will be his companion for what’s called "killing off a missionary" which means that you are their last companion in the last 6 weeks of their mission.

Monday: our P Day (Preparation or personal day) Last week we went to the largest antique mall in the East coast in Verona, Virginia and we walked all through it. it was so big and there was so much stuff that there were street signs!!   and to get an item you wrote down the intersection that you walked by and the number of the booth that the stuff was at, then you asked the people at the front desk if they could come with you to the section you wrote down (i got some 1980 star wars collectable cards for 2 bucks on Back and 18th street booth 132 section C-3). Freaking a ton of stuff!

Verona Antique Mall 
Tuesday– Back to Missionary work- we went around “finding” in the morning and then had the opportunity to talk with a ton of cool people in the afternoon, one lady named Gina we met at the park and she told us her life story (which was super boss and crazy!) and then we discussed more the importance of having Christ centered life and she said she had seen many blessings come from being focused on the teachings of Christ. We said goodbye to 2 people who were leaving Mary Baldwin College this week with the semester ending- Nicole and Carolyn. Nicole is headed to Texas for a continuation of her education and Carolyn is returning to Mary Baldwin in the Fall.

Wednesday: I don't even remember what happened this day because we just had a ton of stuff moved around, although I did cut my own hair (which according to another missionary buddy of mine I need to work on a bit more before I go out in public.  I thought that was a hilarious comment and I guess partially true.

Thursday: Thursday we had a district meeting where I realized more fully that i have no clue how to delve into a subject and study it more fully. We also had dinner with one of the greatest families i have met in this area. The Carroll-,they are a younger couple with two big dogs. We had a good time over there talking about a broad range of topics and later in the week I found out that Sister Carroll was an efy counselor that I started the Especially for Youth week excursion in Redlands the same place and the same week I went. Freaky stuff.... so we kind of geeked out about that and some other stuff.  (See the letter from Sister Carroll dated May 15th) 

We then stopped by the Mancini household and talked with Brother Mancini and helping him out with stuff that he had going on (and for one of the first times in my life I was able to love mashed potatoes and his were freaking delicious, before that I could maybe eat them but I would swallow them and have a gucky feeling in my stomach)

Friday: We met Bonnie, that lady is awesome. She is in her later years of age in a trailer park and she is the most prepared lady I have ever met to hear about the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... like ever.... its crazy. She has had a lot of experience with religion and she had some medical stuff with her son come up and her son's friends asked if they could send over some missionaries to give him a blessing and he said that he would like that. So missionaries came down and gave him a blessing and the illness he was going through just straight up went away after the blessing.  it was awesome to hear that story! We went over to Bishop's house for service and spaghetti and that was awesome too. We then had dinner with the Welch family and had enchiladas

Saturday: we basically had a bunch of service this day as well and filed paperwork for stuff that needed filing...... it was sooo much!!! And we got calls for transfers, found out elder Hansen is leaving :'(

Sunday: less active member visit day and goodbye for Elder Hansen day for the ward. We got to see a lot of cool people around the Staunton area and said goodbye to some members. Plus I found out a member of the ward just got her mission call to the San Fernando Spanish Speaking Mission. (Mekayla Beidler) and that is the mission that Santa Clarita (or where I live in California) is located!

My camera broke and the closest place I can fix it is in Newport News (which isn't even in our mission so I am thinking about mailing it home and having it be fixed there...)

Elder Day

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