Friday, May 15, 2015

Cricket, Smokey, and Skype

May 11, 2015

This past week, not a lot happened. (plus I misplaced my planner right before coming to the library so I have to go off memory...)

This week we were able to teach Casey (a recent convert) more about the Plan of Salvation (otherwise known as the plan of Happiness) and discuss the importance of promises we make with God and the ability and opportunity to choose good from evil.

On Saturday we did service for a lady named Brooks at her barter store, we moved 400+ lbs. of plastic bags in boxes to the back of her store. And let me tell you, I am glad and thankful for Dollies (those things you can stack stuff on and roll 'em with a load on it). After that the dog that they had (named Cricket) escaped so me and Elder Todd and Elder Hansen all were chasing after Cricket for like 20 minutes and I ran onto some train tracks above Cricket out of her sight and peeled around her as Elder Todd and Hansen were walking up in front to keep her eyes distracted. We caught her eventually. 

After that we went to the USPS for some service of unloading food delivery trucks from 3-7:30 because the trucks were delayed and it was too far away to go proselyting so that was rough too, we probably lifted, and sorted through at least 12000 pounds of food.

 We taught a wiser fellow named Smokey S. who is 91 and loves talking about life questions with us that we answer with The Gospel of Jesus Christ by using the Book of Mormon and the Bible and personal life experiences.  

It's crazy how many questions can be answered with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I finally understood the importance that the Book of Mormon is truly what holds our faith together in the sense of people have had the Bible for thousands of years and there are millions of different opinions that have sprouted up from that but the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, helps solidify the things we learn in the Bible and sifts out much of the confusion because without The Book of Mormon and modern Revelation, just like how there was modern revelation in the time of the Prophets and other volumes of scripture that they had to help sort out the confusion, we have no Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Jeremy Skyping for Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day and me and my 2 companions were able to skype our families, I took the heat of the technological problems with Skype because the microphone didn't work so I got to see my family but I didn't really hear them through the computer, I had to call them up. That was interesting. but it was all sorted out with my two companions and the time that they had to skype their families so I was glad that they had a non-technological problem with talking with their families. (We only get to talk on the phone twice a year) 

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