Tuesday, May 12, 2015

photos from earlier

Sorry I noticed I missed a few photos from the last few weeks of posts.  Here they are..
Ian driving me to my new area, Staunton 

oh also crazy story, so my ride up to Staunton i was with Ian Jarvis, a member of the Staunton ward who... guess what... apparently his sister knows Ryan form the Milan Itlay Mission (because they served in the same place somewhere) and the day that we were driving up, found out that his sister had hung out with Ryan the previous Friday. weird coincidences that are Godsend to have me feel more at home, first in Glen Allen it was the member who served in the Spanish Branch in our Stake (or group of congregations) in 1991-93 now its the member whos sister knows my bro! (plus he reminds me a ton of Adam and Alex Howard combined, which is super cool too)

My Apartment and my companions by our study areas 

Using a Walker after I was weak after a food illness

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