Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transfers, Lost Eating Contests, Rubiks cubes

May 26th 2015 

This past week I can't even really remember so much happened. It started with
Elder Hansen transferring out - headed to Buckingham (South west of The Richmond area) he is living in a trailer now so I hope he likes that...

The major events that happened were 4 things, 
1) we had an investigator come to church 
2) we were able to help a family 
3) we had a transfer planning and 
4) adjusting to two...

I’ll start with...

3) Just kidding lets go to

1) We had Bonnie come to church!!!  She really really likes it too!
The lesson that we had was about baptism (not our intent, but that’s just
the lesson that we are on this past week.) She commented about how much we
talk about the temple and that it was really cool to see the influence have
on each other and how it is really a family knit society.

 2) There is a family that we are helping with move stuff because they are
moving soon,  I really like them, they are super funny. It’s a mom and dad
and 6 kids (but one is in North Carolina for college so we haven't met him
yet to my knowledge...) and the ages range from 17-2 so its always a party
whenever we are over and they are up to something as always. They had us
over for dinner Memorial Day night and guess what we had, Pasta and Meat!!!
I was so stoked! I had an eating contest of pasta with the 7yr old and I
let him win (because he asked me to the contest starting after I had
thirds... so he beat me, he had 2 plates and I had 1 and a half when in the
competition (really five though) then after the contest was over I finished
the rest of my 5ths).

 3) Now we get to three... transfer planning, we literally planned for a
long time in depth for what we wanted to have happen this transfer perion and
the people we wanted to progress to what point and that was crazy... the cool
thing is, because it was planned and we showed how determined to bring
forth the spiritual planning to pass we have seen great success with Bonnie
wanting to be baptized and another new investigator who also wants to be

Rubies cubes different shapes 
The new investigator's name is Dylan and he is 16 years
old. He is super pro at solving rubix cubes and has memorized the
algorithms for 2by2 rubix cube all the way up to a 7by7 and triangle cubes
and spheres and even one with different size of blocks that gets super
weird when you mix it up. his best time on a 3by3 for solving is 23 seconds
or I think... might be 21 seconds... not sure, and he is a diehard fan of Naruto!!
Woohoo!!! love that series!! so we geeked out for about 5 or 6 minutes.
Dylan's dad is also helping us teach him and its fun to be at their house

4) The final thing was adjusting to two person companionship instead of three and let me tell you it is a lot more quiet then when there was three (mostly because
Its not as hectic with 3 people making food for a meal then it is with

With this ..... not much crazy stuff goes on all that much.
Hope all is well

Your son

Elder Day

Is there anything you'd like to know about the mission or anything you can

think of that you'd like to ask that I haven’t answered yet?

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