Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zone Meeting

May 4th  
Hey mom,

This week was literally finding, service, and meetings.

Although I did get to see my former zone leader at a Zone Workshop where we basically learn a ton of stuff in a short amount of time (5hrs) and then we have food and continue with our day. Crazy business...

My former zone leader is now an Assistant to the President (good ol' Elder Olsen, I like him he is really awesome) and since the ward that the assistants go to is right after the Glen Allen ward  (My former area) I got to talk with Elder Olsen about one of the people I used to teach- Jainlys! She is doing well as well but still somehow doesn't want to be baptized! gahh!!! She wants to learn so much and the best way to learn and grow is to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost after one is baptized, ah well. I asked mission president if I could write her and ask how she is doing and he said that would be all right. I’m excited, plus i need to  write a few other people as well... that should be a fun time (it'll take for-ever though.)

Elder Olsen and I 

Training at our Zone Conference 

I’m in a new zone and we had a what is called a zone meting (where every missionary within a specific geographical location aka a zone, which makes up a bunch of smaller areas, gathers together) and we got to hear from Elder Goobie from Canada and Elder Denning from Blackfoot Idaho. i like those guys they are really nice. We also got to hear from the Sister Training leaders. they are cool too.

Elder Day

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