Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SunDayay in the life of Elder Day

June 1 2015

Hey mom, a lot happened this week but most all of it happened in the last 3 days (Friday to Sunday) and a missionary seems to measure their days in weeks going to Monday-Sunday so if that may be different then you are used to when I say what’s happened in the measure of a missionary week... then that might be why.

Friday we had a mission conference where Elder Zwick of the leadership of the church (also called the 1st quorum of the 70) and Elder Hemmingway, the director of online missionary work, came to our mission and spoke to us for a few hours (9am-2pm with a 15 minute break for a mission photo).

Funny thing is... I shook Elder Zwick's hand 3 times in 10 minutes (completely by accident) and I felt really bad for being able to shake his hand so many times and not having others have that opportunity, so first we went out in the hallway to get a drink and Elder Zwick came down the hallway and shook our hands, then we went inside and took a seat where there was room (on the back row corner near a door) and guess who walked in the door to shake hands to the back row, Elder Zwick... He remembered my name because he said "ah elder Day I see you are here again! Glad you are here" then President Wilson (our mission president) asked that all the missionaries shake Elder Zwick and Elder Hemmingway's hand so... "3rd time's the charm I see" said Elder Zwick... going up is when I felt bad (for having so many opportunities) but ah well, what has happened has happened.

Elder Zwick and Elder Hemmingway shared much on the Spiritual Preparedness of this generation of missionaries and how we were to be the teachers of all the generations to come of missionaries on how to use electronic devices to help the work of God along until the Millennium came.... or something like that... so I feel like there is a lot of pressure on us but I also feel like I need it because back at home I just kinda let the electronics be my life where here this tecnology is to help the work, not to control it. so this will help me develop good tecnology skills to help me in life and not be completely focused on them and be able to gauge my time and moniter my ways I use the technology... which will be greatly helpful.

 Saturday we had a discussion with our investigator Bonnie and guess what, she is going to be baptized on June 27th! We are all so excited for her!!! She was like "yup, it might be scary to do this, but the Lord wants it to happen so I am going to have it happen." I know for a fact it wasn't us that worked with her the most, it was God, and she was willing to learn and discover for herself so that was amazing too

Sunday went as follows, we woke up and got ready for church, left our apartment to wake up a member person that asked us to wake them up for church but when we got to their door (2 hours before when they asked us to) the person was ready to go! All dressed in their Sunday best! So we were able to get a ride for them to church immediately.

After we went to a meeting and talked about stuff going on in the area and that went form 9:30-10:20, from then there was a few things we had to do, like ask our leaders about a situation where another person wanted to be baptized but they wanted to be baptized with their family in Utah and so we asked them and the Bishop and they both said to give them the paperwork to have them fill it out when they get to Utah.

After there was a member that was getting the priesthood the person ordaining him was like "nope I’ve never done it before -I ain't up for it yet. you do it Elder Day" and that took me off guard so I asked  that we should talk to the Bishop of the Congregation and they agreed and the said it would happen in the future when both felt more ready. That was all before church started....

During church we had someone call us to deliver something for bishop then we went to the 2nd hour of church... 3rd hour went as follows, we were able to hangout with the youth! We had an hour of “questions for the missionaries” and we gave the best answers we could, we also helped out setting up 20 tables for after church for a potluck that we had no idea about until that afternoon (so that took care of our lunch plans, I had 3 megaplates of food too).

That brought us to finding the member we were getting the baptismal forms to so that they could fill them out when they got to Utah. Plus a few other things happened when at church... then it was 4pm... When we got home from church (left at 8:15am)... then we went to work and visited people until about 8:45pm (got to see and get to know a few members of the church that hadn't come in a while so that was awesome!) then we went finding, had phone calls to answer and.... end of the day at 9:30... then we planned for tomorrow.

SunDayay in the life of ElderDay

 I was doing laundry earlier today (Monday) washing pants and found out after I washed and dried all my church pants (that were able to go in the washer and dryer) a pen exploded in the dryer and none of my pants or socks or anything had a marking on them! Apparently the pen exploded all inside the tube and none of it leaked. I thank the Lord every day and more and more.
A photo of meeting L Tom Perry last summer in Utah before my mission 

We heard about one of the Apostles L. Tom Perry passing away and we are keeping his family (as well as many other families) in our prayers.

A lot happens and I am reading every email I get and sounds like many cool and crazy things are happening.

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