Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bonnie's Baptism! and good luck charms

June 29, 2015

Hey Momma and Dad and Ryan and Camille, the family reunion looks fun. (McCall Idaho on a lake)

 I have had some exciting news. Bonnie was baptized in Saturday and she asked me to baptize her. Bishop called me a "one dunker" because it was my first time and he had to help correct me in some stuff right before that I didn't even realize at the time but it happened in one immersion.

Bonnie was baptized this week and this last week has been crazy.
I got to baptize Bonnie, who we've been teaching 
Monday we did... who knows what for our preparation day, but we did have dinner with the Carroll family and then went to do file work and find in the Staunton area.

Tuesday we went with a member to visit three people and then went with Ian (the member) to go teach Bonnie Sharp about the progression that we experience when having the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We then were finding and took some time out of the day to go to visit a man that we had previously visited in the hospital to see how he was doing. We then had dinner with the Chandler family and they made some really good food. We taught them (and they might not have realized it but they taught me) ways of seeing how we can be more in tune with the Spirit of God.

Wednesday we had many revelatory experiences with traveling and finding people to teach. I also had to go to the doctor's office that day to figure out if the medication I received for a minor foot ailment was working properly. It was and the doc said that it was working way better then he had thought so I was able to be done with it sooner then expected! We have been talking a lot on family history and its importance to know where we have come from and where we are headed when we look where we can improve.

Thursday Elder Todd went to the temple (because he is almost done with his mission) and I went to the other congregation's set of elders to work with them for a day. To do so and for Elder Todd to be there on time we woke up at 3:50am, a member volunteered to drive us down and drop me off. When with the other Elders, they called me their "good luck charm guy" because the people that they had been trying to see have never been home until I was there that one day and we were able to teach 3 people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help them understand the Restoration of what Jesus Christ taught to its fullness, it was exciting! I love talking about Jesus Christ with people (heck I love talking with people period). Elder Todd came back from the temple and picked me up around 10:15pm and we got home around 11, planned for the next day and crashed until the next morning when waking up at 6:25am.

Friday I wasn't that tired and we had a great discussion with our leaders about missionary work from 10am-1pm in Harrisonburg (about a 45min drive away). After we taught a lesson and I learned the importance of the temple a bit more from teaching about it. We had dinner with the Swinsons in their backyard and they made us salad and good foods like homemade pasta. So good!I had kale for the first time (that I can remember) this week and today a member is feeding us Jello (never really had that before ethier though I really like kale).

Saturday was Bonnie's baptism.

Sunday was a ton of church stuff.

That was my week.

The library had Comicon Saturday and the makeshift Game of Thrones Chair was still there. So it became the Game of Mormons chair (total Joke, this is just humor. HBO would never do that but I thought it was funny).

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