Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Changing the guard, under the weather

July 6, 2015

 We had a 5hr+ car ride back from our transfer meeting, left at 3pm got home at 8. I showed my new companion from West Jordan Utah named Elder Taylor around from 8-9pm so that he can get used to the area a bit more. That was Tuesday.
Elder Taylor from West Jordan Utah 
Wednesday I had the flu and lost my voice (and I accidentally drank stuff I might not have been supposed to at the time, but I am alright. still alive,) but my voice has been gone for nearly a week and I have been on an influx of health with temperature ranges of shenanigans to shenanigans- which has somewhat destroyed my motivation.   I have not been feeling good and it is hard to not work as I could be outside talking with everyone I see.

This past week we spent mostly in our apartment because of me feeling really under the weather and we had a Ton of spiritual experiences just even in our apartment,

I tried telling Elder Taylor what was happening in the Stanton area with a shot voice and it made it worse for two days, I am earnestly praying that I will have a deeper voice when I get it back so that I can sound like a deep voice man. That would be nice. But who even knows on a mission (Besides God and Jesus Christ). Not me that’s for sure.

Those in the congregation are loving us more and more with all the stuff we help out with and we try our best with what we got.
Tartis in the Library! 
Found the Tardis in the library (i wonder where the Doctor is? Cuz I need a doctor for this throat, just kidding!)

Love ya and hope all is well

Elder Day

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