Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Come Come Ye", "Up "

June 15th  2015

It seems like the more and more I am out on my mission the more and more two phrases come to my mind, one is the song "Come Come Ye Saints" from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint's Hymn book, and the other is "Adventure is out there!" from the movie “Up”.

This week was ridiculous for a few reasons, our preparation day (the one day we had to rest during the week) we did as follows, from 8-10 am we had our usual studies then Elder Todd and I went to the library. I then found out that I have great fun doing family history research and stuff like that. Though Elder Todd (who is getting ready to go home) had planned that he mail his bike home so, he got the information then we went to the packing place around 1pm to find out it was closed for a bit but then we decided "oh okay we can wait for elder Todd’s bike stuff and pack it up" that finished around 4pm... 

So we had from 4-5 to take a break for that day and in that time we decided to watch the church film Joseph: Prophet of the restoration (big mistake) on our iPad that we had just received. I now have learned that the iPad  is not to be used for passing time or anything besides the purpose of teaching of Jesus Christ and helping with that because  after we did that- we felt drained. Uber Drained... then we went to a member's to eat and then we ate food and went back to work until 9pm.

Tuesday: we had a district meeting from 10-12:30 then a lesson with Bonnie at 2 then went to see the Smiths.  After we went to Ford Motor dealership to fix the busted underside of the car and because we saved some of the screws underneath we were able to cut the cost of repairs by much, which helped us in the long run later on. After that we had dinner with the Sedwicks and went finding for people to teach the rest of the night until the Chandler family asked us to stop by so we did, didn't really fully know why until they said we needed to be judges for the dessert eating contest they were having with their relatives and so we said something along the lines of "sure I guess we can be unbiased judges for ya eating sweets". That was interesting (turns out there were some other people there who were less active in the congregation and it helped us get to know them better and invite them to come to church!)

Wednesday we “found” a lot and got Bonnie a big print copy of the Book of Mormon! We dropped it off at her house and helped her with some struggles she was going through. We then went to the Carrolls place for dinner. They are an awesome young couple that run their own buisnesses and are "eachother's bosses" because Bro Carroll is in charge of Sister Carrol's publishing company record keeping and Sister Carroll runs Brother Carroll's schedule and management for his lawn business and after, went to teach the 16-18yr olds how to teach lessons As missionaries (we pretended to be people that we had previously taught and they taught us about God's Plan for our Eternal Happiness).

Thusday we had another lesson with Bonnie and had a ward member Trevor come with us, his testimony on our topic was uber crucial for helping Bonnie and we saw some great miracles happen.

Friday got some service done. We went to help Bishop load and unload bails of Hay for his 2 horses, cows and a mule. Since Elder Todd has a back injury it was me and Brother Beidler hauling about 60 bails of hay 35-45lbs each and that was super fun! I have a feeling there was a reason I was born in the suburbs and not the farmland though but Hay (heh heh, get it, hay) it was freaking awesome and I wouldn't mind doing it again. we had dinner with the Welch family and they are super awesome as well.

Saturday is Casey's 25th birthday and he was going to Kentucky to visit family for the weekend for that. I love this ward and everyone in it! They are so cool!!!  Also on Saturday we found out that someone that we usually see (named Doris) had moved from her Respite Care place to another one and during the evening we hunted it down to tell Doris we had stuff for her (like her copy of the scriptures, and to know where she is for future visits anyway). We have done a ton of “finding” and any free time we had we were finding people to teach (which was more then expected from what this email may say). We found Doris and then actually talked with a Mary Baldwin College student that is interested in bringing Jesus back into her life so that was super cool, would have never found her had we not lost Doris. sounds weird but hey, ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!

The hymn, “Come Come Ye Saints” is in reference to any tough time or challenge that we might face in our lives (and especially going through little day to day stuff) but it is always important to know that God will ALWAYS watch out for us and help us in any way we can, we just gotta trust him, and that I have seen is the hardest part.

Sunday we went to church, had some crazy events and met some new people to teach! Good times.

Catch ya next week

Elder Day

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