Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elder Dalby tags along with a chihuahua

June 22, 2015

Ahh, it has come to my attention that it seems to have been long (what 2 weeks? maybe three) since I sent an official photo from my mission and I have thus been notified to send some. I have a camera and for those who have been wondering, I am using it. The photos I have been taking though of late have (mostly) been too menial to send so I have not felt as prompted to send them as much as I think that I may have.

We actually have had a 3rd companion with us and he has been in the apartment the entire time we have been working, you may ask yourself "wait, missionaries need a companion when going places, if one has been in the apartment all this time, where have the other two been?" well I would like to have known that Elder Dalby had his arm broken off of his body so we have tried to use our engineering skills as 19 and 20 year old to reapply his arm to his body. Elder Dalby has been a missionary ever since he was released from his previous "life" in 2010 when he finished his role as an actor. Here is a Picture of Elder Dalby. He was Honorably released due to medical reasons as a missionary when changing locations from our apartment to another home where he can love the rest of his life in recovery.

Elder Dalby our third companion 
This week was kind of ridiculous and here is somewhat how it went-
first the week started out with changing my camera to the German language (or Deutsch) just for kicks. Then we went to Verona for antique mall hunting old Hymnal books from 1860's to the year (roughly) 1950's most all for under 10 dollars so I am debating if I should invest in one?.... I'm still wondering (What do you think?) take a poll and let me know next Monday and I’ll go from there. They are all in pretty good condition as well so no worries much on that. My week went as such,

Tuesday: One of the youth that comes out teaching with us, Brad,)  went with us to visit some people and help move a table from an attic to a basement where the basement didn't really connect to the place through a stairway -so we had to take it outside and go around down a steep hill carrying this crazy heavy wooden table. After we went to the progressing investigator's house that we are teaching with Brad and reviewed the lesson we all talked about Sunday, (Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) we then dropped Brad off and went to help out and teach a lesson on Temples. After which we went to dinner with a member and their family and shared a message about fathers for Fathers Day coming up. We then went to Brooks' Store (the store of a member in the Staunton area) to be able to help out with some things that she needed and we were able to teach about the importance of having prophets on the earth today to receive guidance and revelation for the Church of Jesus Christ, exactly how Jesus Himself set it up.

Wednesday: I don't even remember what happened that much Wednesday besides it was a blur and we had opportunities to teach and we also had a meeting with the Bishop where he went over some stuff with us pertaining to missionary work.

Thursday we had dinner with the Bishop and his wife (they are so cool!) and during the day we had a lesson with our progressing investigator and also got in contact with a former investigator who every time we stopped by he either wasn't home or couldn't hear us (he's 91, we'll give him some slack, besides) he showed us some stuff that he learned when he served  WW2 in the Pacific Theater in the 1940's and we were able to talk with him about the importance of why we are here and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how we progress and where we will go in our lives.

Friday we had an all day meeting in Charlottesville that I gained some personal revelation on many of the struggles I had been facing with on the mission and even some before so that was fantastic! We got to meet Elder Perkins of the 1st Quorum of the 70. Apparently he visited Mongolia and knows President Clark (probably the second one, there were two president Clarks, My grandfather was one and there was another later). A few of the people I met when I visited Mongolia with my grandpa, and consider as my good friends, apparently Elder Perkins knows really well (like Batbold and Boldbier)!

Saturday we got to visit a past area because Elder Todd had an investigator that he taught be baptized! and apparently her stepfather is in one of the congregations of Tigard Oregon where my grandparents live so we got to talking about how Oregon was and if he knew any of my family there.

Sunday was Stake conference and we visited a lot of people around our area to bring a SPIRITUAL BOOST!!!! it was really awesome because some were at church earlier that day and we gave them more encouragement for being able to come and see what we all do. Oh, you might be wondering "what is Elder Day doing with a 6 week old chihuahua  puppy in his hands?" Well when we were visiting people we were able to see some people we hadn't seen in a very long time and they just got a new puppy! Fantastic isn't it. We got to hold it and that was awesome.

Elder Day

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