Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sudden Moves, Ipads, Exact Speed?

June 8, 2015

This Week has been a bit rough around the edges...... the reason for it is that one of the people that we were teaching literally within a span of 24 hours moved their entire house stuff (which was a lot) to a different mission area and didn't let Anyone know about it. Like.... anyone!!... We came by and there was a new fancy car in the driveway and we thought "Hmmm..... the two minivans are gone.... there is a new shiny fancy car in the driveway.... all the stuff in their front yard is gone and all the stuff on their porch..... Something’s.... different..." turns out... Moved! Never to return. ahh well, The Lord knows what He wants done with that family so I hope all is well for them.

Bonnie is more and more excited to be baptized in the coming weeks and her son, and her son's friends who are of our faith, are coming down from Winchester (like 4hrs away) for Bonnie's Baptism!

 We were praying very hard and fasting for certain things to progress this past week and we have found little miracles within the ward that have heavily answered our prayers! More and more members of the ward are being more involved in missionary work and more and more people are doing a lot of stuff! Of course we have been working our tails off to find people to teach and many things seem to just.... Happen so we are deterred from our original plans, of course they are all good things and we are seeing that as we are working harder and harder and getting to know the members of the ward more, more things just seem to happen!

 We received ipads this week for purposes of proselyting and I have felt a huge gift of strength and support for setting ways to not be distracted on the ipad such as every time I open it I say verbally what I am opening it for (like what I am going to do or use it for) and that the screen is in eyesight of my companion. the first one helps greatly and the latter is to back it up. My trainer's trainer (named Elder Wray, I call him my missionary Grandpa because my missionary father, Elder Hopkins, was trained by him and so my father on the mission's father is my grandpa. hope that makes sense,) was at the meeting where we got our ipads. He is now an assistant to the mission president.

We have been teaching and talking with many people and are getting fed more and more pasta at dinners (which, don't take that any other way besides that we are getting fed probably one of my favorite foods ever). The one time we were running out of food (because we try to buy things like food only on our preparation day, if we completely space and run out then we'll go get food on another day but we try and avoid it if at all possible) someone gave us 3 pounds of cooked pasta that asked us to help out, then we visited a less active family and guess what, we got 24 eggs from their farm! (They also have peacocks so I think we got a peacock egg from them too but I forgot to take a picture of it before I had it for breakfast). and it was weird so we did not need another store run.

Can you go the exact speed? 
My Companion (elder Todd from the Fresno California area) follows the speed limit EXACTLY and its actually quite impressive, go Elder Todd!, but there is a speed limit sign that says speed limit 110 so I have been seeing if he will actually go 110, here is the sign and see what you think you would do in this residential area going uphill).

I have been trying to delve into family history more and learn about my past, turns out that I have no idea how to do this stuff but Elder Todd is a master (turns out one of his ancestors had 44 kids, 22 girls and 22 boys. ridiculous!)

Love ya

Elder Day

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