Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Buddy the bird, Baptism

August 3, 2015
So here is my week so far

Monday we hang out with the elders from Waynesboro and also had a
blast rescuing that baby bird because the member who had it said that
we needed to take it to a shelter and see what was going on. We found
out that Buddy the bird had a broken leg and needed to be put in anesthesia
immediately. After we were worried about buddy but we said "You know
what, it's in the Lord's hands now." So we went on with our day hoping
Buddy was okay. We had dinner with some new move in members from the
Bay Area and we talked about the importance of the temple. Later a
member invited us over for family home evening so we went there and
shared a message about planning and how it helps for what we may have
happen in our lives.
Buddy the bird 

Tuesday we went on an exchange so I went to Elder Rhineheart's area
and Elder Hansen went to ours. All I know is that we were visiting
many people and the person that went with us was never a member yet,
although he was planning on it when he turns 18, his name is Sam. Sam
is awesome and we had a good lesson with Sam. I learned a lot from the
new missionary and how important teaching simple truths is, we went
over to a youth pastor's house and we (as peacefully as possible)
explained and discussed the importance of personal revelation gained
from reading the words of the prophets, whether they be from the Holy
Bible or the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday we exchanged back and we were involved in two things. Both
were done with a member named Ian Jarvis . The first was clean the
branch building for the baptism on Friday. The second was visiting
people after we cleaned (and did some paperwork). We visited the Smith
family and Tony Burke, both were doing well. The Smith family's home
was where the bird was found and we found out later that day that
Buddy passed away during surgery from internal bleeding from his
suicidal tendencies from jumping off a 2 story building more then
twice... May Buddy the bird rest peacefully eating all the worms and
stuff he (or she, we didn't really check if Buddy was a dude or a
girl) so desires to the little stomach can't hold it anymore. During
our dinner break we played a game with Ian called Bang, Halo edition.
It was quite adventurous and we had some good times with that game.

Thursday we had a few major things go on. We helped brother Weber move
11 railroad ties that were 100lbs each, usually... That was the light
ones. Then we helped someone move. One was Kaylie Hanna's baptismal
interview and that went well. Right before that though we had a lesson
with Bonnie Sharp and discussed and reviewed exodus and the 10
commandments. Since Monday we only have 40 miles total we are allowed
to use in our car before we exceed the allotted monthly mileage so we
have been involving people with our work and driving a lot more then
usual and we now only can use 10 miles per the 30th and 31st but once
it hit August then we were fine. We then had dinner and after then
were asked by a couple in our apartment complex to stop by and pick up
some food they had made us. We discussed with them missionary work and
shared with them more of our beliefs.
Landon's baptism 

Friday was basically 2 things. One was a meeting in Harrisonburg and
another was the baptism for Landon and Kayliee. Thankfully both went
well and I learned for myself on why I am doing what I am doing on the
mission. We had an investigator come to the baptism! It was an awesome

Saturday we had service and another baptism and Sunday we visited and
taught many people(investigators and those that are new members) we
also had an interesting experience wit people sharing what they
believed in sacrament meeting. It was interesting, and we kinda were
smiling during that too. Here is one of the two kids we helped be
baptized. His name is Landon.

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