Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Caesars, Smokey and Bill

July 20, 2015

This email has been written and approved by someone who now lives in Virginia.
I kind of already wrote about Monday so I shall start with Tuesday.

Tuesday I had a missionary exchange with my district leader/former
companion Elder Hansen. A missionary exchange is basically
missionaries switch areas of work for a period of 24 hours to be able
to see how other missionaries work and see what things they can do
differently or learn to help their area that they originally work in.

Puppy Power 
Since the service that we had cancelled which would have kicked off
our exchange, we went to Taco Bell and I had 7 of those beefy dollar
tacos, they were so good! After that Elder Hansen and I split from
Elder Rhineheart and Elder Taylor. There was another family that
called us (Hansen and Day) in to help them move a table, then we
contacted people that Elder Hansen knew might be interested in the
message that we have. No one was home so we decided to visit one last
family, the Fosters. Boy did we talk with the Foster family. We
decided to order little Cesar's pizza and bring it over there and talk
with them during our dinner break and when we were done talking with
Brother Foster we talked with Dyan ( the 16yr old son) when we had
lessons with both that's when we took a dinner break and since we were
over there they invited us to play pool with them. It was trick shot
pool so we all missed a bunch and had one round with each, Elder
Hansen and I both lost both times we played. Afterward we got a call
from Sister Foster and talked with her about whatever the deal was
going on and how it could be improved.

A brother from the Waynesboro ward called up in the morning and said
he needed a blessing so we were able to give him one and that is
always an honor to be able to help someone in that way.

We taught lessons to Bonnie Sharp about the purpose of revelation, particularly about modern day revelation from prophets called of God in these last days.
Then we taught Carolyn about the importance of the scriptures later on. I
sited the Smith family and we talked about the importance of having a
night set aside to do family oriented things at least once a week.
They also talked with us about when they moved from Alabama and the
crazy things that happened down in Alabama when they lived there. It
was really funny to hear Brother Smith talk about how " it was a
really bad idea down there to get the rednecks and the science
geniuses together because that's when they tried doing or theorizing
on how to create the Jurassic world. After we talked with the Smith
family we headed to youth group night and taught the priests how to
work on the new devices that missionaries have and how to use what is
called an Area Book, which basically tells missionaries that enter the
area what has been done with the missionaries that have previously
been there. Afterward the young men's leader invited us to have gelato
over at a gelato place in thanks for teaching and helping be a good
example to the youth.

A motivational Poster of my roommate

We had district meeting with our Zone Leaders there as well and I was
assigned a topic to do a training on. I was asked to discuss and train
on the Holy Ghost ( also known as the Holy Spirit). Out of the 6 of us
there, four had been out longer then me and three of them were in an
area of leadership so it was interesting to see how it affected them.
The other one was brand new. I will give you the main thing I talked
about in this training and I encourage you to act on it too.
What you must do is create questions from the words I am about to say,
think about the question you yourself created, then answer your own

The one I talked about was What part does the Holy Ghost play in our lives?
My response to my own question was it testifies of divine truth from a
divine being and we must be the mouthpiece and not have our carnal
thoughts interfere with Heavenly guidance.

Afterward we went to an awesome Chinese buffet that was $7!! I was so
happy oh my goodness, the food there was so good! We are headed back
in August hopefully for a district lunch. We were called in to move a
piano right after and heck, that really sucked because it was crazy
heavy and we had no time to change out of our suits. We were a sweaty
mess after that but went immediately to a lesson we had with another
Individual and taught about the power of prayer.

We helped Brad (a member of the priests quorum) who had a project he had
going on. Then we went and took an 80+yr old member of the
congregation to see Smokey and even though we could only stay for a
few minutes, Smokey and Bill Wright bonded well and shared a lot of
old jokes like "how old are ha Bill?" "In my 80's" "common! I'm 91, ya
gotta catch up to me!" And other jokes that each of the two wise guys
were joking around. Afterward we went to the Welch family for dinner.
We picked up some Spanish elders who couldn't use their miles to get
down here and they stayed for a while and nightly planned and played
some games with us. Every single one of us except Elder Taylor and we
were all chuckling about that.

We did service and taught some lessons and our final lesson that day
was a very spiritually uplifting one with Smokey where he has gained
the desire to come to church! We were excited to have the Holy Spirit
testify to him.

Sunday:  all 12 people we were going to visit fell through except for one
person. Cody, a new investigator we are teaching.

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