Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I hope I stay

July 27, 2015
Hey so kind of a lot happened this week and it started with last Monday

For our preparation day,  we went emailing our families then the missionaries from the other area came over and we hung out. I cut Elder Rhineheart's hair and it turned out pretty good! We then went antique mall hopping (all 4 of us) and Elder Taylor got a comic book of Marvel, I got a comic book from an older TV
show I watched growing up called Samurai Jack. The original comic
still in the plastic bag thingy. So great!

Tuesday: we had a whole lot of trouble Tuesday morning because we
didn't get all the info we needed for the baptism we are having on the
31st of July. Oh yeah, baptism is happening on the 31st of July so
that has been super hectic, especially because it is a 9yr old that we
are teaching and we didn't have any info about near any of what was
going on and we're just able to set up times to come and teach, gahh
it's just hectic. But other then that, we went with Ian to visit some
people and we got to visit many a people- The Smiths, The  Welches.

Wednesday We had what we called “area book day” where we digitally
imputed records into the devices we now have for area book use. We
then had dinner at the Wrights and talked about movies and keeping a
gratitude journal. One of the Wright boys found out that their mom was
going out of town for something and first thing he said was "what?
Who's going to clean the house!" And we all started laughing so hard,
even the parents.

We then had “youth night out” that was cancelled so I made some awesome basketball shots for 5 minutes when the two youth that didn't know it was cancelled agreed to have us teach more about missionary work so we went to Chick-Fill -A and discussed all the questions they had about missionary work ranging from workout equipment you can bring to how to share gospel things online.

Thursday we had a Meeting in Harrisonburg that was from 11am-5pm, the
main thing that I took away was thinking about what type of man do I want to
be for my friends when I come back home, family members, and future
family. Afterwards we have been limited on where we can drive so we
cleaned our apartment that night.

We had another day of area book work because there is so much of it
and then we called a potential investigator and he said to come right
over to be taught so we taught A new investigator, afterwards we had
Ian Jarvis come with us to give a branch building tour for the grandma
of the girl that is getting baptized this Friday, had dinner with members (Jarvis) had a person we had recently began teaching invite us to baseball event for the town so we went and talked about Jesus Christ with them and even related it to baseball (more then I thought was a possible actually).

Saturday we were updating records in the morning then when we came out
of the library some members saw us and they said "hey we are taking
you to lunch" so of course we weren't going to say no to that, we went to a sandwich place called firehouse subs. I got the engineer sub and it was super good! I have been feeling like not in a pasta mood so I haven't had pasta for 4 days and I think my companion is getting worried about me... Anyway, after lunch we went and taught 2 people, one a recent convert and we talked about the power of prayer and the second was Smokey, one who is investigating the church. Smokey opened up to us a lot and we felt an over abundance of peace and calm when discussing the power of going to church with him. We honestly had no idea what we were going to talk about but the heavens knew what all
3 of us needed to hear.

That is where I found more clearly the question that popped into my mind on the meeting Thursday. I have seen throughout my life those whom I want to emulate and I have many good examples from back home on what kind of individual I want to be and after talking with Smokey, it was confirmed to me how much those good attributes meant. Smokey is a good man. The main person we are working with is Smokey who is a 91yr old ww2 vet who seeks to find answers that he has had questions to for all his life.

Sunday we visited many a people and saw how important it was to
remember and contact those whom we have come in contact with. We also
found a bird that had fallen from its nest so we made a box for it
(because it's nest was so way up high and then brought it to the next
person we were intending on visiting, who loved animals anyway, and he
took him for us. We had a good gospel lesson of helping the injured
from that experience.

The next transfer day is in 2 weeks and I hope I stay but I am slightly prepping to leave just in case so I don't cry a ton because of all the wonderful experiences I have had here so far.

I got the letters from the family reunion so thank you momma, have fun with all the stuff going on these days

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