Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Transfer Coming ...

August 10, 2015

This week has been pretty crazy.
Monday went as follows, most of our preparation day was spent with a
member playing board games and a member had us over for dinner and
during dinner we played a board game with him and his wife and their
cousins. After dinner we took the member's cousin to come visit some
people we had planned to see that night and he really appreciated it.
Heck the people we visited were awesome too!

Tuesday we had a district meeting and I learned more about the
cleansing powers of the atonement of Jesus Christ. That day was also
spent "area book hunting" where any person that the missionaries
previously had kept a record on, we stopped by their house. After we
went to the Hanna household and had dinner and a lesson. We became
really good friends with the father of Landon (the kid that was
baptized last Saturday) and guess what, his name is Jeremy too!!!! It
is super awesome and he is starting to become more interested in the

Wednesday we went to mutual and taught the teenagers importance of being able to be yourself and also do missionary work (something I have been
struggling with severely since I started my mission work actually).
There were a few other things that happened that day too but the main
one was the mutual (or youth group) activity.

Thursday we went and taught the people that we had set up appointments
with and was able to take Ian and Xander with us to different people
to have them help us teach.  We also taught at the Hanna household.

Friday and Saturday we did service and taught. 8:30pm on Saturday I
found out from my mission president that I would be leaving Staunton
and my companion will be training. When the transfer comes where he
starts training there will be 140 out of the 250 missionaries either
training a new missionary or they will be a new missionary. That's a
scary thought.... I hope they are all doing well. Sunday was goodbye
day, I said goodbyes to many people of the congregation and was able

to get in contact with a few people and have a lesson with them.
Goodbye day in Staunton 

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