Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New area, (Birthday) Mission Accomplished

September 28, 2015

- taught 12 lessons
- found 6 new investigators
 -  in a new area
- new area is on foot
- In a trio

.Celebrated Elder Tobey's birthday

So this week I have filled in more in my daily journal since the MTC
(missionary Training Center). The reason I am not writing too much
this week and putting bullet points  is for a few reasons, one is to
see how it will work with me covering it this week, two is that  this
week our mission president has asked that we stay in our apartments
and study the Book of Mormon unless we have a lesson we need to go to. (No finding.)

Those in the picture from my right to left (I am holding a pizza and
my ring is on my right)
Elder Edelmayer, Elder Tobey, Elder Day, Elder Kellis, Elder Woods

I am in a trio in the smallest ward east of the Mississippi in
Garrisonville and we are on foot, so far my calves are of steel and
there aren't too many hills, the area is 3 miles by 3 miles wide and
we are having an adventure with Elder Tobey, Elder Edelmayer and the
other two elders in the apartment were are living in (the Akokeek
apartment, we call it the Eagles Nest). The other two Elders names are
Elder Woods, and Elder Kellis, Edelmayer is from Rexburg, Tobey is
from Canada (the same from my first district of elders), Woods is from
Texas and Kellis is from Oklahoma. None of us are from Utah! crazy

I have finally beginning to "master" of being a simple teacher and how
to Daily teach, which is something I have learned fro Elder
Edelmayer. We have been out so much that my legs and the legs of my
companions are so sore and it is so worth it because fo how much we
have been teaching and the people we have been finding out of the
blue. Every single person that we have been able to teach that is a
new investigator has been within reasonalble distance (.5 miles)
it was Elder Tobey's  birthday so some youth from the ward took us to a
Hibachi grill for dinner. It was awesome.

Tuesday I got transferred to the Garrisonville Ward. We got there
around 7pm and were super exhausted so we decided to go finding and we
found no one...

Wednesday we unpacked and went “finding” and walked to the church
building a mile away. Went to check on potential investigators and no
one was home. Had dinner and worked until the end of this he night.

Thursday we celebrated Elder Tobey's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings
for 60 cent wings day on Thursdays. This is when we taught 7 lessons
in one day and was able to find 4 new investigators. All we did was
street contacting by an apartment complex and from there we talked
with everyone. It seems people are more willing to talk when they are
outside then when they are inside.... Interesting.

Friday we had service to do with Elder Oler and Elder Semu, they
dropped off a mattress for us so we could have one to a mattress not
one to every 2/3rds of a mattress. That helped a lot for sleeping the
rest of the week. We then went to go pick up a car with Elder Oler and
Elder Semu and it was Elder Edelmayer and I who went with them, we got
stuck in the outbound traffic from D.C because it was close to the
border. That took a while, we went teaching later that night and one
of us had to go home because of bad juju going on with their stomach
(and it wasn't me for once).

Saturday it rained lot and we were out “finding” a lot in the rain
and that is when we went to Hibachi
Grill. Later I distracted Elder Toney by having him come with me to a
lesson set up while Elder Edelmayer, Woods, and Kellis ran to Wal-Mart
and bought him a cake for a surprise (because Saturday was his actual
21st birthday) and then we directed him again by Elder Woods asking
Elder Tobey about the Rubix cube he has no how to solve it. It worked
like a charm. We had the candles ready for his singing Happy Birthday
and it was so funny to see Elder Tobey's reaction to the "surprise" we
gave him. Mission accomplished.

Sunday we went to church and then went street contacting and finding.
Not much happened besides that and giving a blessing to a member of
the ward.

Those in the picture from my right to left (I am holding a pizza and
my ring is on my right)
Elder Edelmayer, Elder Tobey, Elder Day, Elder Kellis, Elder Woods

Bye Bye King George, Va

This is me and a member we helped come back to church after being not too active for a while

 September 21, 2015

So first-off, I am transferring and my companion is training a newbie.
yeahh.... bye bye King George, Va....

 Tuesday we went with a member to lunch and his wife is not a part of the church but he is, their house was 20 minutes away so they asked if we could drive to their house and then we would hop in their car to go to lunch, we looked at the map and the area that they were in never really had missionaries work there too much so we had a list of people to go and see and streets to go knocking afterwards. Turns out that they drove us back to near 2 minutes away from where we live and we had lunch over in that area, then drove all the way back. Afterwards we taught a lesson and he showed us his Gun collection and ammunition collection that he had been collecting since before Kennedy was shot. He also has some really really nice cars........ but he showed us a bit of how to make a gun, but we had to go because time was running short. We went “finding” around the area then drove all the way back to our next appointment (which fell through) but then a member came and took us to Arby’s for dinner!! Its really nice when we have coupons too. We went by another part member family's house and Miracle! The people who are not members have set a date for Oct. 19th to be baptized! We had little time left in the day (8:15pm and we head in at 9) so we went to stop by another member of the chuech who requested us to come by for some help. Apparently he needed help with his car and he also needed guidance to find out how he can share the gospel better with his family.

Wednesday we had a District Meeting and my companion and I both gave  training. We had an interesting meeting because we accidentally arrived slightly late to the meeting because of some complications with our driver's minivan. It was only 10 minutes so it wasn't too bad. District meeting was a "spiritual feast". We picked up lunch at the Wawa (a local gas station) and because our District leader had an interview with someone being baptized we were not able to have lunch with the full Elders of the district. We came back home afterwards and cleaned our apartment for inspections and the Elder inspecting it, first thing he did when he came in was "alright so there is the normal inspection and there is the added personal inspection and whoever wins on the personal inspection gets lunch for free, I was in the Navy so my inspections are similar, but my wife will help you if she says its clean then there is no 'ding' and no points deducted, if you get A + for points that cancels out “a ding" and we got +3 after the entire inspection giving us +2 total... I am a demon when it comes to tidying up stuff for an inspection (since my mission) every single inspection we have had the people inspecting have always said "wow this is the cleanest I have ever seen this apartment and its only since you or your companion got here that its been this clean" BOOYEAH! From there we went to a member's house and discussed with the mom that she wants her child baptized as soon as possible and her child is done waiting (he is 10 years old now), after that crazy discussion we went to another area where we were going to have dinner and decided to stop by a potential investigator's house and lo and behold they were there and we had a doorstep lesson with them and they (all 3) agreed that they wanted to be baptized!! We had dinner with a family that was less active but because of the previous lesson we were late (oh no!) for our dinner appointment and they had already eaten but we were still fed and we had a great conversation with the dad who just received a new calling that actually brought him back to church! After we stopped by a former investigator's house and he let us right in! Although little did we know that he is still not prepared for the message, he just kept on talking about his stuff he got with his new job and a Dj speaker system. He talked about how all his hard work got him where he was at and no one else ever helped him... not prepared for a message that involves being helped and relying on Jesus Christ. Ah well, maybe in a future day.

Thursday we “weekly planned” for most of the day and around 4:30 we received a phone call from an investigator who was headed out of town Friday saying that all this crap had happened to him and he didn't know what to do. We asked him about how we could help and he said that being baptized was the best thing that could help him now. That man went from Atheist, to hating Deity to ending the phone call we had with him saying "God Bless you boys” and “I am relying on God for this". After we went to the sign "Virginia is for Lovers" and got a photo there during dinner then we talked with a few individuals about the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the beach that separates our mission and the Maryland Baltimore mission by the Potomac River. After which we went to visit members in the area and got lost along the dirt roads of Virginia.

Friday went tracting in the morning and met this awesome Pastor. We pretty much quoted scriptures back and forth about sharing the gospel. He was a nice guy! Then the next guy we met was an atheist that kept telling us that God was the universe and not an actual being with a physical body. He wouldn't even let us talk so we just left. He had a cool car though.... After lunch we tracted some more. We have been talking to people about their favorite bible stories lately and it has been an awesome way to learn more about people! We saw a pretty big miracle Friday night. We had an appointment for dinner with a recent convert at 4:30, an appointment with another recent convert at 6, and with a member at 7. The first two appointments were in the top of our area and they canceled. So we texted the member to move our appointment up and then went and tracted in that area. (Also towards the top of our area)Then we get a text canceling that appointment. We then realized we were really needed somewhere that was NOT in the top of our area. We head to an area that we hadn't worked in a long time and start tracting. We meet a guy that has recently wanted to get back into Christianity after leaving it behind for a while. He very graciously accepted a Book of Mormon! At this point it was after 8 and no one wants to talk to us after 8 so we didn't want to keep tracting. We were trying to decide what to do and were about to head home when I said there is still someone we need to see here. Go to the trailer park. When we pulled in and saw the first trailer we knew it was that one we needed to go to. We knocked and it was a former investigator that lost contact with the missionaries. She told us she wants us to come back because she wants to hear our message! What a big blessing!

Saturday we again volunteered at the Opp shop. It is always an adventure. Not a whole lot happened until right before dinner. We went to visit a potential investigator but ended up talking to her brother and his kids for a good long time. They were a really cool family and said we could come back. He has agnostic beliefs but seems to be seeking and his family is very important to him. Awesome!! Then we visited some members for a few minutes. We left their house and then 2 minutes later they call us and invite us back for dinner! We then had an awesome lesson with a less active member that has really been struggling. He has gone through a ton and the lesson we had really helped him realize some things. Off to do some more tracting. We have been in need of people to teach lately! We started talking to these drunk guys playing “cornhole” (bean bag toss) and they were pretty nice but would make slight jabs at Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon every now and then. Interesting guys though... Transfer calls came while talking to them. So we went back to our car and called President Wilson back.

 Dang thats a long email.....

5K, baptism set

September 14, 2015 
have seen actually a lot of great miracles this week and I'm glad to
hear that things are hopefully picking up for the family and I'm
keeping you and dad and Camille and Ryan in my prayers. 

The thing that is helping us most is being able to have member involvement with All
of our missionary work the only thing we struggle that we have is
getting investigators to come from members themselves because down
here in King George there have been many Elders who have what we call
over tracted places who have homes close by.  There are about 15
different trailer parks that I have been to and so far been in touch
with who knows how many people from "the hood "and it is actually really
funny and actually sometimes quite nice to be able to get to know
people who are way more down to earth that I was.  

I have seen through fasting how miracles occur, feeling the strength from the prayers I
know are being said, and when it talks about Alma and the sons of
Mosiah in there much fasting and prayer their testimonies were
strengthened, I've seen that myself. We have a 40 day fast where one
member of the ward fasts for one day and different members fast every
single day for 40 days and it is interesting to hear the miracles that
we and they see. 
This week can be covered in 3 items and one is the reason why this wek's letter will be so short.

1)  We saw a huge miracle on Tuesday when I drove the car on an exchange, the main investigator we are teaching is going to be baptized October 3rd in-between the sessions of General conference!

2) We had a Youth fFreside about helping members and the youth share experiences and overcome fears about sharing the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. All 4 youth and 3 leaders that were there really enjoyed it and are excited to share with friends the truths they know!

3) We ran a 5k!!! and afterwards played volleyball for a few hours, the 5k destroyed my physicalness (is that a word?) and shook me mentally because I pushed myself way to hard... ah well, I am not incapacitated and surely (and gladly) not dead so its all good. Volleyball there was some very heated competition, but we won 2:3 sets and the first was won because of the 3 jump serves I made and the team I was on was super supportive and really good, they are some awesome Elders.

that is all for the week

I love you very much and I hope all is well. Tell the
Davis family I say hello and I hope Coco will be around when I get
back (if she does pass away soon, I want to give her a hug while she
is still alive.... That's what I am hoping for).

Love ha mom and I pray for you aton
Your son,

Elder Day 

Pretty Legendary

September 7, 2015

Weekly email

Today is Tuesday and this morning we took the car to get an oil
change. It took a lot longer than expected so we walked a little ways
to Taco Bell before getting picked up by member. We had breakfast at
Taco Bell and studied. Then we walked all the heck way to the Walmart.
From there we walk to remember for lunch. While there we discussed
going to the temple and also discussed modesty. Are investigator, Walt, was there as well. Sister Abrams, the member, asked for a blessing. It was awesome
to have Walt there to see it. They then give us a ride to get our car
at the garage. We tried to visit a bunch of people without
too much success. Then we went back to our apartment and prepared for
dinner with an investigator. Investigator, Tony, took us to Arby's and
we had a long discussion with him. After dinner we went to the church
and took Tony on a tour. He's an awesome guy really nice.

Max came out with us on Wednesday and we almost died in the minivan
that Max was driving because of the awesome peelout Max had at
50mph doing a turn. We visited a lot of people who didn't really
answer the door to us, and Max was wondering if this is how mission life
will be and we said that its about half and half, depending on the day
or season or the work within the area. When Max went back we went
tracting (knocking doors) and that is where we met a guy named Jesse
who came all the way from an east African country to find work as a
scientist. He wants to talk with is because he feels that the Book of
Mormon will answer a lot of the questions he couldn't find a solid
answer to throughout his life. We then had dinner at the Hodges house
and went to go “Find and Teach”, which we found some people and a kid in
a wheelchair was out walking his dog and the dog got stuck in the wheels
so while he asked us to untangle the dog he asked for the book I was
carrying, which was the Book of Mormon. So I gave him a copy and he
wanted to read it because "I don't really do much else and I need a
book to read, and that looks interesting". Late we taught a man named
Ricky who was somewhat interested in the message we shared. We had to
go home after that so we went back to our abode.

Thursday most of the day today was spent weekly planning. We needed
some fresh air so we decided to go out and check the mail, no mail...
While Checking the mail we saw a moving truck pull up to a neighboring
apartment. We decided to go ask if they needed help. At first they
said no but then said yes it would be nice. So we went and helped them
move for quite a while. They were very appreciative and it was a good
experience to be able to help them. Very nice people. Didn't break too
many things. After that, we went to Five Guys  for dinner and Sweet Frog with a
member from the congregation. It was delicious and we left 10 pounds
heavier. Still looking good though. I got like 10 brain
freezes. Then we wrapped up the night by visiting a guy that was not
the most open to our message. In a “round about” way he told us the book
of Mormon is false. We asked him straight up if he was saying it was
false and he said yes. So we bore solid testimony to him. We then went
to a gas station to visit a member who was working there.

Eat Pasta Not War shirt for preparation day 
Friday we woke up at 5:50 and went to Seminary, we were invited by
Sister James, the Bishop's wife, and she's the teacher and we discussed
Genesis chapters 1 through four in the creation of the world and that
was really interesting to hear the different things about how there
was extreme planning that went into the creation with Heavenly
Father's divine purpose and potential for us as individuals coming
under Jesus Christ and being able to rely on him and all of the
challenges that we have through the world. That was created everything
is for our benefit. At 6:40 we left for apartment to go back and
prepare for the day and we received a phone call from Max saying that
he would pick us up at 9 o'clock for our zone meeting at 10 AM. We
were two minutes late to  our meeting But we were able to still
continue right on schedule although we ended 25 minutes late. it
happens every once in awhile.  We found out more in our zone meeting
that there is more service opportunities that we can have to share the
gospel- that every single activity within the church is for others to
come and know what we are all about. We also learned more that
obedience and sacrifice that is required for blessings and miracles.
We then had lunch with Elders Walker, Oler, Udy, Johnson, Langford,
and Max at Firehouse Subs which was a really good sandwich place.
Driving back we drove through a giant storm which was really cool and
I talked with Max about video games and other such things afterwards.
We met with Dwayne and Katelyn and we had to drop both because of the
issues of not keeping commitments. We then had dinner and went and
completed our weekly planning.

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market in the morning and I
bought some meat and popcorn then after that we went and helped out of
the Op shop until noon. From that point in time we then had lunch and
after that was when we went to Colonial Beach and talked with an
investigator here named Mark. We then went to the McNamara household
and found that we needed to see someone else in another area, so we
visited the Strickland family and had dinner and a lesson with them.
We saw the importance that one family and each individual has for that
family in strengthening the home. We then talked with a Muslim man who
wasn't the most interested or friendly when we tried to talk with him,
but his Christian mother was very happy to talk with us! That was
really cool.

Sunday we went to church and had a wonderful Fast and Testimony
meeting. There were many testimonies given that really uplifted us,
include and also uplifted a recent convert that was with us. Following
Sacrament meeting and Sunday school we went in with the Young Men for
class. It was pretty interesting; they were pretty crazy all day. The
young men are pretty awesome though. We are supposed to be giving a
fireside this coming Sunday on how to share the gospel friends. We are
pretty excited for it have been planning hard. Well somewhat hard.

During church some random visiting member from California came and
spoke with us and told us he wanted to take us to dinner soon. He also
said that he would like to participate in the 40 day fast going on in
the ward. The 40 day fast is where one family each day for 40 days
fast for missionary work. After church we went and visited a few
different people, spoke with some members. We went and visited that
same person that always asks about my watch. I told him that if he
reads the first eight chapters of the book of Mormon and tells us what
it is about that I will give him my watch. He was pretty excited to
except that challenge. We'll see how that goes, I'll let you know.

After that we went to dinner with the Millers. The kids always try to
ambush us with Nerf guns. They were pretty dang intense armory of
guns. As I explained in the last email… We had some great lasagna
there and shared a message that they really enjoyed. The message was
about preach my gospel, love, and favorite scriptures. It was really
just all over the place. Brother Miller drove us around after dinner
and we visited with less active members as well as investigators. Work
here is tough but well worth it. At the end of the night we visited
with a member family who Brother Miller home teaches. They were very
interesting family but their way awesome. That pretty much wraps of
the night and the week, hope you all have an awesome week and
especially a great Labor Day!
Random view 

Quote for the week (this was said by one of the young men that came
out with us to visit people one day) "ya know when you are younger and
there are people that are legendary in your eyes, like the president,
the missionaries, your parents. Then you grow up and they aren't as
legendary as you thought, except the missionaries, they are still pretty Legendary. 

pretty legendary."