Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5K, baptism set

September 14, 2015 
have seen actually a lot of great miracles this week and I'm glad to
hear that things are hopefully picking up for the family and I'm
keeping you and dad and Camille and Ryan in my prayers. 

The thing that is helping us most is being able to have member involvement with All
of our missionary work the only thing we struggle that we have is
getting investigators to come from members themselves because down
here in King George there have been many Elders who have what we call
over tracted places who have homes close by.  There are about 15
different trailer parks that I have been to and so far been in touch
with who knows how many people from "the hood "and it is actually really
funny and actually sometimes quite nice to be able to get to know
people who are way more down to earth that I was.  

I have seen through fasting how miracles occur, feeling the strength from the prayers I
know are being said, and when it talks about Alma and the sons of
Mosiah in there much fasting and prayer their testimonies were
strengthened, I've seen that myself. We have a 40 day fast where one
member of the ward fasts for one day and different members fast every
single day for 40 days and it is interesting to hear the miracles that
we and they see. 
This week can be covered in 3 items and one is the reason why this wek's letter will be so short.

1)  We saw a huge miracle on Tuesday when I drove the car on an exchange, the main investigator we are teaching is going to be baptized October 3rd in-between the sessions of General conference!

2) We had a Youth fFreside about helping members and the youth share experiences and overcome fears about sharing the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. All 4 youth and 3 leaders that were there really enjoyed it and are excited to share with friends the truths they know!

3) We ran a 5k!!! and afterwards played volleyball for a few hours, the 5k destroyed my physicalness (is that a word?) and shook me mentally because I pushed myself way to hard... ah well, I am not incapacitated and surely (and gladly) not dead so its all good. Volleyball there was some very heated competition, but we won 2:3 sets and the first was won because of the 3 jump serves I made and the team I was on was super supportive and really good, they are some awesome Elders.

that is all for the week

I love you very much and I hope all is well. Tell the
Davis family I say hello and I hope Coco will be around when I get
back (if she does pass away soon, I want to give her a hug while she
is still alive.... That's what I am hoping for).

Love ha mom and I pray for you aton
Your son,

Elder Day 

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