Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New area, (Birthday) Mission Accomplished

September 28, 2015

- taught 12 lessons
- found 6 new investigators
 -  in a new area
- new area is on foot
- In a trio

.Celebrated Elder Tobey's birthday

So this week I have filled in more in my daily journal since the MTC
(missionary Training Center). The reason I am not writing too much
this week and putting bullet points  is for a few reasons, one is to
see how it will work with me covering it this week, two is that  this
week our mission president has asked that we stay in our apartments
and study the Book of Mormon unless we have a lesson we need to go to. (No finding.)

Those in the picture from my right to left (I am holding a pizza and
my ring is on my right)
Elder Edelmayer, Elder Tobey, Elder Day, Elder Kellis, Elder Woods

I am in a trio in the smallest ward east of the Mississippi in
Garrisonville and we are on foot, so far my calves are of steel and
there aren't too many hills, the area is 3 miles by 3 miles wide and
we are having an adventure with Elder Tobey, Elder Edelmayer and the
other two elders in the apartment were are living in (the Akokeek
apartment, we call it the Eagles Nest). The other two Elders names are
Elder Woods, and Elder Kellis, Edelmayer is from Rexburg, Tobey is
from Canada (the same from my first district of elders), Woods is from
Texas and Kellis is from Oklahoma. None of us are from Utah! crazy

I have finally beginning to "master" of being a simple teacher and how
to Daily teach, which is something I have learned fro Elder
Edelmayer. We have been out so much that my legs and the legs of my
companions are so sore and it is so worth it because fo how much we
have been teaching and the people we have been finding out of the
blue. Every single person that we have been able to teach that is a
new investigator has been within reasonalble distance (.5 miles)
it was Elder Tobey's  birthday so some youth from the ward took us to a
Hibachi grill for dinner. It was awesome.

Tuesday I got transferred to the Garrisonville Ward. We got there
around 7pm and were super exhausted so we decided to go finding and we
found no one...

Wednesday we unpacked and went “finding” and walked to the church
building a mile away. Went to check on potential investigators and no
one was home. Had dinner and worked until the end of this he night.

Thursday we celebrated Elder Tobey's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings
for 60 cent wings day on Thursdays. This is when we taught 7 lessons
in one day and was able to find 4 new investigators. All we did was
street contacting by an apartment complex and from there we talked
with everyone. It seems people are more willing to talk when they are
outside then when they are inside.... Interesting.

Friday we had service to do with Elder Oler and Elder Semu, they
dropped off a mattress for us so we could have one to a mattress not
one to every 2/3rds of a mattress. That helped a lot for sleeping the
rest of the week. We then went to go pick up a car with Elder Oler and
Elder Semu and it was Elder Edelmayer and I who went with them, we got
stuck in the outbound traffic from D.C because it was close to the
border. That took a while, we went teaching later that night and one
of us had to go home because of bad juju going on with their stomach
(and it wasn't me for once).

Saturday it rained lot and we were out “finding” a lot in the rain
and that is when we went to Hibachi
Grill. Later I distracted Elder Toney by having him come with me to a
lesson set up while Elder Edelmayer, Woods, and Kellis ran to Wal-Mart
and bought him a cake for a surprise (because Saturday was his actual
21st birthday) and then we directed him again by Elder Woods asking
Elder Tobey about the Rubix cube he has no how to solve it. It worked
like a charm. We had the candles ready for his singing Happy Birthday
and it was so funny to see Elder Tobey's reaction to the "surprise" we
gave him. Mission accomplished.

Sunday we went to church and then went street contacting and finding.
Not much happened besides that and giving a blessing to a member of
the ward.

Those in the picture from my right to left (I am holding a pizza and
my ring is on my right)
Elder Edelmayer, Elder Tobey, Elder Day, Elder Kellis, Elder Woods

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