Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moving helpers=pizza, the black box, inspections

October 26, 2015

Tuesday was another day of meetings 8am-5pm. Our mission is  being tested to work something called a "black box" which is a  device we sign in every time we go in a car and it measures our driving speed so we don't go over the speed limit , it also checks that seat belts are on and it
checks reckless driving. Every time one of these happens it gives us a
warning and then if we don't correct after a few minutes we get a
point deducted from our mission driving privileges and depending upon
the amount of times you have a mark means whether you can drive on the
mission.   Because our mission president's wife has breast cancer my
companions and I got the word out (with great help from the assistants
to the president) to have 3 zones of missionaries (140+) all wear
pink. There were only 3 that didn't...

Here I am... 
Wednesday and Thursday mornings were cleaning mornings because we had
an apartment inspection and we had kinda half cleaned but it didn't
really even work because there are 5 dudes and very little motivation
to keep an apartment clean... Unless you are bribed with food. Works
like a charm. Wednesday afternoon and evening I don't know what my
companions were doing because I was with a member from the
congregation visiting people that I knew were and are interested in
the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thursday evening we found out that Elder
Edelmayer  (the guy who went to ER) is headed home for his 3 surgeries he needs, he should be back in about 4 1/2 months though.

Friday was the apartment inspection and the missionary who did the
most cleaning was so sad when he found out the person that usually
does a food treat to the best apartment did not do it this time. Sad
days for Elder Tobey. We helped our next door neighbor move for the
afternoon because he was moving from an apartment to a house and heck,
not only did we need a change of pace from finding and cleaning, it
was a great opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! His two
daughters are now being taught.

Giant pizza for helping a family to move 
Saturday we finished up the move and since it went from 10-noon our
neighbor bought us pizza (this thing was 28") and he also offered to
take us to dinner! This guy was way too generous to us....
Later that day we taught a new investigator named Maleek and his
neighbors (Isaiah and Dequan) were over there too, three new people to
talk about Jesus with.

Sunday we had church and after, I was tired “as a bear during
Hibernation” so I took a nap. After the nap (during our lunch hour) we
walked to Danny's place and while playing football we taught him and
invited him to be baptized. He accepted! Woo hoo!! We had dinner at a
house where the two boys (12 and 14) were comparing how many injuries
they had trying to one up each other. That was so dang funny!

Washington DC temple trip and Pink soledarity

October 19, 2015

Originally I had typed out an email but it was deleted during the time that I put my laundry in the washer and dryer. I am still quite perturbed over that.

Monday the elders of our area decided that we are all going to wear a pink ties
for Tuesday a zone workshop, where a group of missionaries get
together and learn from my mission president. The reason for that is
that we have recently found out that our presidents wife has breast
cancer and we want to show our support and help in anyway that we can
while continually doing the work of Jesus Christ. Our Mission President was touched and said "that's so kind, I'll have to take a picture and show the cute
girl at home" (is wife) that was on Tuesday when he said the quote. Also on Tuesday the Assistants to the President took me and my companion out
to China King. This is a Chinese restaurant and it was really good.
After that we went finding for the rest of the day and taught three
Pink Soledarity

Wednesday we had two major events happen and I'm going to reverse the
day to be able to explain both. The event that happened first is our
temple trip to Washington DC and the second is Elder Woods turned 19
so we got him a cake after we are done with everything I'm distracted
him for picking it up. First thing that I'm going to explain is the
cake. We got in a few minutes early and decided to walk to Walmart and
buy a cake for him and come back, this is actually really good idea
and perfect timing because right when we got back inside and turned
off all the lights he was on his way home up the street so we lit the
candles and waited for him to come in. It was great planning on all of
the missionaries surprising Elder Woods. The second thing that
happened was we went to the Washington DC Temple. Elder Toby had
someone that he was involved in baptizing make more sacred covenants
in the temple on Wednesday so we were able to " tagalong " and be able
to go into the temple. We felt so much peace and many answers were
received while truly trying to find be in tune with the spirit of God.
Something that I found out is if we need to learn it, it will be
learned. It might take a while or it might not even be in this
lifetime, but we will learn it eventually.
At the Washington DC Temple 

Thursday we walked roughly 12 miles to three different appointments
that all cancelled...  All three of us had some sort of shenanigans  (issues) going
on with their legs or feet, the thing that went wrong with mine is my
heel started bleeding after we finished the night.
I had to figure out how I could stop the heel bleeding but it wasn't a
constant run so it wasn't too bad. We also stopped by medical center
so one of my companions could pick up something that he needed for a
medical visit the next day that we went to.

Friday we went to the Spotsylvania medical center and while one of my
companions was in there taking a CT scan again I was able to contact
Elder Hopkins and tell him that I was in his area and he should come
on down and visit. He was able to! And I was so excited!!! That night
we walked a few miles to go and see someone who actually wasn't there.
But my companion saw a light on a house that was a former investigator
and he had the impression we should stop by at the same time that I
had the impression looking down the same street that someone needed us
there. His name was John Johnson and he had gotten back from work two minutes ago. We were both surprised and happy to be able to teach a lesson teach him to come closer to Jesus Christ through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reunion with trainer Elder Hopkins, front and center.  I am second on the right 
Saturday was all a blur the only thing that I really remember is what
happened Saturday night, and that was Elder Toby's trainer on the
mission visited us from Washington DC where he had flown in around
9:30 PM. Elder Toby was really excited to see him! Turns out his
trainers father knew the Fairbanks family (from our ward) when he got up in Saugus.

That was an adventure as well having him trying name the people that
he barely remembered back in the Santa Clarita Valley and me pulling
up the iPad and checking them on list that I had of the stake back
home. Sunday we are able to teach a lot we return to bed earlier than

10:30 PM because we are all exhausted.

Trip to ER, but not for me :)

October 12. 2015

This week has been quite interesting. After our preparation day while
playing basketball, one of my companions didn't feel too well and he
hadn't been feeling too well for a while so we decided to check it out
in a quick Medical Care center and they put him in the ER! So all of
Monday night throughout the entire night and all of Tuesday we were
switching off me and my companion making sure that our third member
was never alone as he was having himself checked out in the emergency
room of Stanford Medical hospital. That was quite a ruckus.
Elders in the emergency room...

Our entire schedule was kind of messed up from there so we basically
went “finding”, stoped by Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then went finding some
more. Even with the medical incident going on we were able to teach
seven new people, set to on date for baptism coming up soon before
Halloween, and also have a good rest of the week.   My companion who
was in the ER, Elder Edelmayer is waiting for news on what's going on
and what surgery that he'll need. This Wednesday we are headed to the
DC Temple because my other companion has had someone that he was a
part of baptizing going into the temple for the first time and making
more covenants. All of the answers that we are hoping to get for my
questions may or may not come to us exactly is how we want them but
when we go to the temple with a question we will receive an answer,
the answer needed that God would have us know.

Saturday and Sunday we worked a lot and also had one or two adventures
along the lines of medical expeditions. It seems that I am not the
only one in the house full of missionaries that has a medical
experiences!  During general conference, a member from a previous area
decided to come and feed us lunch in between sessions, technically
dinner because it was so late. That was really fun. I have learned that I really need to study the Bible more and I am finding more of the
similarities that Jesus Christ has had and the prophecies that I've
been given throughout the Old Testament to prophesy of his mortal
ministry in the New Testament.

Hope all is well and I pray for you a lot

Elder Day

Stormin' Book of Mormon

October 5, 2015

So because of an anticipated huge storm, we had to stay in the apartment for the whole week for our safety. The rain came for a week straight, no breaks until this morning.

It is been the book of Mormon Read-athon and basically I've read the book of Mormon twice in one week. I have understood howvthe Book of Mormon and the Bible testified each other more. Many of my 
Here is a video feed from a satellite that we set up at a church building for General Conference. 

questions that I have had have actually been answered this week as I have read and I plan to continually read the Scriptures so that I may know the answers
I got has for me. I haven't really found out much about the area just
because we've been stuck inside all day reading the book of Mormon,
but this week  I'm going to find out more about the area. We have
made a wager with one of my companions with all of the members in our
apartment agreeing to this wager.  The wager is if this Elder
can go without sweets and soda for the rest of this six week
time frame, then he will serve all the other four elders to a hibachi
grill. We are all trying to get him to eat sweets really hard.

Thank you so much and I honestly do feel the prayers and the love that is coming all the way from the other side of
the country.

Elder Day