Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moving helpers=pizza, the black box, inspections

October 26, 2015

Tuesday was another day of meetings 8am-5pm. Our mission is  being tested to work something called a "black box" which is a  device we sign in every time we go in a car and it measures our driving speed so we don't go over the speed limit , it also checks that seat belts are on and it
checks reckless driving. Every time one of these happens it gives us a
warning and then if we don't correct after a few minutes we get a
point deducted from our mission driving privileges and depending upon
the amount of times you have a mark means whether you can drive on the
mission.   Because our mission president's wife has breast cancer my
companions and I got the word out (with great help from the assistants
to the president) to have 3 zones of missionaries (140+) all wear
pink. There were only 3 that didn't...

Here I am... 
Wednesday and Thursday mornings were cleaning mornings because we had
an apartment inspection and we had kinda half cleaned but it didn't
really even work because there are 5 dudes and very little motivation
to keep an apartment clean... Unless you are bribed with food. Works
like a charm. Wednesday afternoon and evening I don't know what my
companions were doing because I was with a member from the
congregation visiting people that I knew were and are interested in
the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thursday evening we found out that Elder
Edelmayer  (the guy who went to ER) is headed home for his 3 surgeries he needs, he should be back in about 4 1/2 months though.

Friday was the apartment inspection and the missionary who did the
most cleaning was so sad when he found out the person that usually
does a food treat to the best apartment did not do it this time. Sad
days for Elder Tobey. We helped our next door neighbor move for the
afternoon because he was moving from an apartment to a house and heck,
not only did we need a change of pace from finding and cleaning, it
was a great opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! His two
daughters are now being taught.

Giant pizza for helping a family to move 
Saturday we finished up the move and since it went from 10-noon our
neighbor bought us pizza (this thing was 28") and he also offered to
take us to dinner! This guy was way too generous to us....
Later that day we taught a new investigator named Maleek and his
neighbors (Isaiah and Dequan) were over there too, three new people to
talk about Jesus with.

Sunday we had church and after, I was tired “as a bear during
Hibernation” so I took a nap. After the nap (during our lunch hour) we
walked to Danny's place and while playing football we taught him and
invited him to be baptized. He accepted! Woo hoo!! We had dinner at a
house where the two boys (12 and 14) were comparing how many injuries
they had trying to one up each other. That was so dang funny!

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