Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stormin' Book of Mormon

October 5, 2015

So because of an anticipated huge storm, we had to stay in the apartment for the whole week for our safety. The rain came for a week straight, no breaks until this morning.

It is been the book of Mormon Read-athon and basically I've read the book of Mormon twice in one week. I have understood howvthe Book of Mormon and the Bible testified each other more. Many of my 
Here is a video feed from a satellite that we set up at a church building for General Conference. 

questions that I have had have actually been answered this week as I have read and I plan to continually read the Scriptures so that I may know the answers
I got has for me. I haven't really found out much about the area just
because we've been stuck inside all day reading the book of Mormon,
but this week  I'm going to find out more about the area. We have
made a wager with one of my companions with all of the members in our
apartment agreeing to this wager.  The wager is if this Elder
can go without sweets and soda for the rest of this six week
time frame, then he will serve all the other four elders to a hibachi
grill. We are all trying to get him to eat sweets really hard.

Thank you so much and I honestly do feel the prayers and the love that is coming all the way from the other side of
the country.

Elder Day

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