Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trip to ER, but not for me :)

October 12. 2015

This week has been quite interesting. After our preparation day while
playing basketball, one of my companions didn't feel too well and he
hadn't been feeling too well for a while so we decided to check it out
in a quick Medical Care center and they put him in the ER! So all of
Monday night throughout the entire night and all of Tuesday we were
switching off me and my companion making sure that our third member
was never alone as he was having himself checked out in the emergency
room of Stanford Medical hospital. That was quite a ruckus.
Elders in the emergency room...

Our entire schedule was kind of messed up from there so we basically
went “finding”, stoped by Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then went finding some
more. Even with the medical incident going on we were able to teach
seven new people, set to on date for baptism coming up soon before
Halloween, and also have a good rest of the week.   My companion who
was in the ER, Elder Edelmayer is waiting for news on what's going on
and what surgery that he'll need. This Wednesday we are headed to the
DC Temple because my other companion has had someone that he was a
part of baptizing going into the temple for the first time and making
more covenants. All of the answers that we are hoping to get for my
questions may or may not come to us exactly is how we want them but
when we go to the temple with a question we will receive an answer,
the answer needed that God would have us know.

Saturday and Sunday we worked a lot and also had one or two adventures
along the lines of medical expeditions. It seems that I am not the
only one in the house full of missionaries that has a medical
experiences!  During general conference, a member from a previous area
decided to come and feed us lunch in between sessions, technically
dinner because it was so late. That was really fun. I have learned that I really need to study the Bible more and I am finding more of the
similarities that Jesus Christ has had and the prophecies that I've
been given throughout the Old Testament to prophesy of his mortal
ministry in the New Testament.

Hope all is well and I pray for you a lot

Elder Day

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