Thursday, November 19, 2015

New area, healing

November 9, 2015

-New Area
-New Companion?
-Touch of Christ

My new area is called Lawrenceville, We are bordering North Carolina,
and my new companion is..... not so new? He has been my companion
before. His name is Elder Hansen! I was his companion in Staunton.
When our mission president announced it and I was already sitting next
to him, we both jumped up and I bulldozed him by accident because i
gave him a hug and he was caught off balance.

My "new" companion Elder Hansen 
The reason I say recovering was because we were recovering from Elder Hansen's last companion. We have no dishwasher and to give you a idea about the mess he didn't care about cleaning, Every single dish in our apartment was
dirty except 2 forks, a bowl, a spoon, and 2 plates (Elder Hansen's
dishes). There was week old cake in the sink smashed in between 3
plates.... and that’s what I shall explain as recovering = cleaning.......

New address for Christmas cards..

1587 Lawrenceville Plank Rd.
Lawrenceville VA  23868

Friends on missions- My Uncle Merrill sent this picture of my great friend, Brian Fairbanks on his mission in New Jersey.  Merrill, who lives in New Jersey took it from the car and sent it to my mom.  Brian is in the middle.  

We have a family of 10 people and the mom had an arthritic attack on her arm and her arm was in severe pain and it was paralyzed from the shoulder down to the fingers... we went over and talked with her about how coming to church would help her situation and I felt prompted that she needed a blessing.   Elder Hansen had that same prompting during the lesson but he didn't know when exactly and said that we should give one tomorrow but I insisted it be then before church tomorrow. We gave her a blessing and I don't know what words were really said but we left and she thanked us, She wasn't able to come to church the next day because of the pain (or so she thought) but what happened was right after the blessing she "felt Christ's hands wipe away the pain" and her arthritis pain in her arm  vanished completely.

Elder Day

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