Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paint and cars don't mix

November 16, 2015 

Weekly Email

-Tough Week
-Paint Problem
-General Authority

This week was rough for the second item listed... We had a paint container in the backseat of our car and didn't notice it had a leak in it for (our guess would be) the entire day, because we saw it that night at like 7:50pm... for the next few days we took a few hours per day getting the wet paint out of our backseat of the car that we are using it was so fun it was like watching paint dry! 

Also we have been received by little for all those we have been contacting and all those whom we have been asking about the message of Jesus Christ. well other then that we have been doing well. 

A kid in the congregation drew this and gave it to us- Elder Hansen and Elder Day 
A General Authority of the church came to our congregation and talked about the importance of everyone being an example and following the example of inviting and following what Jesus Christ has taught us about Faith and Hope. 

One of the kids of the congregation drew me and my companion and gave the picture to us afterward.
Here is a road outside Lawrenceville on the "Tobacco Heritage Trail" with wooden bridges. (Stock photo) 

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