Thursday, November 19, 2015

Virginia Autumn, Transfer coming

November 2, 2015

This week was not too eventful so I am going to put down one or two things down.

Virginia Autumn
-Elder Edelmayer went home for surgery
-I am being transferred
-record # of pizza slices at Cici's
-Makeshift pingpong

Elder Edelmayer received a phone call from our Mission President
asking if he could pack within 2 hours because his plane flight was in
8hrs to go back home for a few surgeries, he will be back out in
January. That was crazy because we thought that he was going to leave
Monday next, not Wednesday when we got back from an appointment. Elder
Tobey and I shared the leadership responsibilities when he left.

Before we all left on transfers and stuff- Me, Elder Semu, Elder Kellis, Elder Edelmayer, Elder Harmer, Elder Woods, and Elder Tobey

I got a call Saturday night on Halloween when, (since we were not allowed to
go knocking doors) and asked to go visit members of the congregation, I
was playing ping pong at the Greer's house.

I ate personally  21 slices of pizza at Cici's and that act won the prize of it being free (paid for by another missionary). Eating that many pizza slics would have been the worst mistake
of my life had it not been free...
Makeshift Pingpong

Elder Tobey found a small ping pong table in the closet of our apartment so he made a makeshift table. It is fun to play on in the mornings if we have time before studies.

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