Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas preparations, Mission Bobcat

December 8, 2015

  Boss Hat
  Area Book Finished
  Christmas Decorations
  end of week
      Just for kicks (and pretty much the only Christmas/birthday present I am giving to myself) I got a California Hat because I felt like I wasn't “repping” My Home!! plus Elder Burilla was getting a snapback too and the second was half off so we split the total cost and we both felt great about it. This was all Monday.....
Snap back with the California Hat and Bobcat 
      We also finished our area book (all the records of missionaries ever teaching someone have now been edited and digitized) so we are having an area book shredding event our next district meeting and we are all thankful that this is all done because its been since April(ish) since we have had the opportunity to finish it.... While we were hunting down a referral from online we found the craziest road possible.... I'm in it too!!!
      Brother Rodgers of the congregation invited us over to help him decorate their Christmas tree and because his house was so far away he came from work to pick us up. it took like 20min for the drive one way (didn't fully realize it was that far in the boonies when looking on the map of our area...) but it was a fun event decorating a tree and trying to untangle lights and other tree things.
      Preparation day…Monopoly... I won... Elder Hansen got mad and quit before he "officially" lost.... Never playing monopoly again.... 'nuff said...

Route 666 and me.... 
      The long time investigator and her 7 kids were “dropped” (not continued at investigators) because none were progressing and kept commitments as good as having a rock to jump rope on its own... Its hard, I've thought about it...
The language here (in Southern Virginia) is quite different then languages you might have thought of speaking and deciphering. Back in a city or the suburbs of life, Southern Country is a league of their own.

You may have noticed your end of week was one that results in another beginning.... Just because it is a Monday you don't have to hate the world, just think, you can look at the sky and see something (hopefully) and think to yourself one of two things
1.           "dang, life sucks because..."
2.           "dang, I am so glad because..."
 ‘Tis always your thoughts that choose one and I pray you choose the latter.
Hope you have a blessed Day and Week of Gloriousness (whether it happens in real life or in yo head!)

      This is me reppin' California with my Hat, Suit, and the Mission Bobcat when suddenly... A Wild Elder Hansen Appeared from the other room!! Missionary Battle begin!

The bobcat is a taxidermy bobcat that was given to the missionaries and put in the Lawrenceville apartment back in 2005 and has been traveling around the apartments since then. Whomever has the bobcat in their apartment
signs it.

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