Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanksgiving Miracles

November 30, 2015

   Wait... a Miracle?
   District Meeting

         So Thanksgiving was awesome, for a few reasons. One of the main ones was that our mission president allowed us to stay more then 1 hour for meals that day. We had 2 Thanksgiving meals, one was at the Evans house and they had family come from out of town (North Carolina, 3hrs away) and something I have noticed about the southern part of Virginia (and probably in the south in general, not sure yet...) No one moves too far away.... everyone is like within 4 hours from each other... its really weird, I am unused to it greatly. But lunch at the Evans was great because their 7 grandkids put on a play of the pilgrims and landing in the North American Continent for religious freedom and other things of that nature (and the grandkids were ages 2-9). From that lunch and a show we went to the Mendez house  and had another meal and played games with them as their thanksgiving tradition.
         The Miracle that happened was when we fasted for an investigator to help with some issues he had for being able to be baptized. We fasted for him and for 3 days he kept postponing our visits for some reason or another and finally asked us to come over after our thanksgiving dinner. We did and he was in the greatest mood both of us have seen. The issues we fasted have become less of an issue and he even asked for some help with cleaning (honestly a favorite thing I have developed on the mission) and we are going to do a deep study of the Bible with him for the continuing visits. It may not sound like great things but since he has been taught for a year now... these are leaps and bounds in helping him make covenants with his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
         District meeting was an interesting one due to the fact that it took us 2 hours to get there... We have rotation of meeting houses so that the other missionaries don't have to spend miles in their allotted for the month. We went to a place called Wakefield. The district meeting was awesome and we discussed what we were thankful for as a main topic. Also from the Wakefield Elders we learned of a place called the Wye (pronounced Wire) which closed down many years ago. The Wakefield Elders were invited to a Southern Baptist funeral and they said that it was one of the most interesting funerals they had and probably will ever attend. They Learned of the Wye at the funeral. The Wye was a place back in the day where, according to the word on the street, was a place where if you weren't allowed to have something and you wanted it, you went to the Wye to get it. According to the missionaries, the Wye was what was talked about most at this particular funeral and we found out that the lady lived in the Wye.

We had an investigator at church and our week is still going very slow..... but there is one thing I thought was amazing I read a few weeks ago that might be good to hear.
"Jesus says that I’m to Die for" so no matter what, you are worth it. Keep having the Grace of Christ help Change to be more Christ like.

Elder Day

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