Tuesday, January 19, 2016



  Dem Rimz!... Dat drug deal?
  Chatting with the world of people in South Hill
  Family time for Christmas
  Medical run

On Sunday we were dropped off in South Hill and had 4 lessons with 5 really solid people. One individual we talked with for a long time discussed how he had been other faiths but seen as he read in the Bible that they didn't teach as how he saw it. We later discussed with him the purpose of the Book of Mormon, which was to testify of Jesus Christ and help clear up false doctrine preached. We also shared with him the Articles of faith. He liked hearing 13 specific core beliefs that we have that set us apart from other Christian churches.

After we talked to a coworker of a member about Christ and the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ we were picked up and driven by a member. As we were at a stoplight I saw a dude with some gnarly rims on his car and took a picture or two. We looked at one of the pictures and its him holding a wad of cash in exchange for a bag.... Pretty sure it was a drug deal I accidentally took some photos of. When the light turned green we booked it outa there but hey, one of them is clear of the stuff.
Dem Rimz 
On Christmas I got to Skype with my family and a friend who was at my house when the call happened. My mom's parents were there too so it was a huge party! I was so happy to see everyone (even my dog is still kickin' so that was fun to see as well.) I wish I could have talked longer but I will be able to see all of them again so I should be fine.
The rest of our Christmas was spent with the Evans and Hardy families. That was really fun being able to play board games and solve puzzles that took forever. I love Christmas.

A line in a song comes to mind and came to mind near all this week as we were walking around Lawrenceville, South Hill, and Emporia. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." I know that families can be together and am thankful for the time in our life we are with them and to know that whatever happens, we will be able to see and remember them later and forever gives me comfort. I am also glad to know that because Jesus Christ was born, lived a sinless life, and died for us, peace and salvation can be obtained by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel so we can have the Grace of Christ not only allow us to be with God again, but to change our nature so we have no more disposition to do evil and feel comfortable in the presence of God forever.

I went to a doctor's appointment to check on my heart. 

My companion opening gifts from home
All the missionaries in Richmond, Va mission December 2015.  Jeremy is in the front row to the right of center. 

Christmas Conference

Jeremy is at the end 

Mission Christmas conference

The mission president with missionaries- 

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