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Scripture cigarettes

December 21, 2015

  New Companion/What happened the 15th
  Family of how many?
  Do or do not, there is no try
  Progression Powerhouse

So... The 15th...( my birthday)  I am now a district leader. Basically what that means is I have a responsibility of looking over a few sets of missionaries and helping with the work. I also give trainings and have district meetings. 

That day was hectic because we woke up  at 5:30am to get to the other elders apartment. Elder Hansen still had to pack and one of the other missionaries had to be at the meeting at 9am and it took an hour to get to their place and another hour to get to the meeting. I worked with Elder Wolfersberger in his area for the day and basically what we did was work with their ward mission leader all day. The other missionaries were supposed to get back by 3 but that didn't happen... they ended up coming back around 6pm and we had nearly completed working on the Gps coding with their ward mission leader to input the records they had on the area gps for guidance and direction.  Anyway we got back to our apartment with a learning experience, Programming takes a long time. The other new Elders are Elder Udy (I knew him from a previous area of my mission) and Elder Tanner. If I didn't have to call him Elder Tanner all the time I’d call him T-Dawg Tanner because he is an awesome homie that is tall so the T stands for the tallness (6' 5") and yeah, you get the rest.

The next day we worked hard and so far have found 16 new investigators to teach. The family we found was a family of 9 who the mom said in her own words before we even started teaching that "there is a prophet of God walking around the earth, I just don't know where". She asked for 8 copies of the Book of Mormon and started reading it right away. If there was a family that was prepared for the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.... It is that family...

Yes, there is a quote from Yoda there, It is an honor of the new Star Wars movie that I will see the day after I get home (and no worries, that was about the only plans I had when I got home so far, and I don't plan on making more for another 11 months). Please no spoilers. That is my only request.

scripture cigarettes 
There is an investigator that missionaries have been teaching since last November (of 2014) and guess what.... he has finally decided for himself to give up the things holding him back! Elder Tanner and I asked for a pack of his Cigarettes and we wrote scriptures on them for him so we had him promise he would read them before he smoked each one... he said it took him a longer time to smoke and he felt he could hold off longer. It was a great spiritual experience when he decided to change with his increased desire and he has found the motivation he needs to do so.

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