Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cotton Pickin' Captain California

January 18 2016 

  • Exchanges in the peanut capital of the world
  • Doorstep baptism
  • Zone conference 
  • Zone leaders excursion
  • Surprise!
  • Blessings from Heaven.

Captain California (the hat) 
Wakefield is the capital of peanuts in the world and within our jurisdiction of group of elders Wakefield is our ministry site. So we went on an exchange with the Elders down in Wakefield. Again. But hey, it was awesome! We had some of the greatest peanuts that I will ever have in my life, and peanuts will never be the same again.

We were knocking doors, and there is a man named Steve who we talk to you on his doorstep so, because the lesson was going well and the spirit prompted us to do so, and is now going to be baptized on February 13. I have realized wherever I go there's always someone that is prepared and knows that this is the work of the Lord.

Cotten Pickin'
Our zone leaders came down and worked in our area for a few hours and before we had a group of 30+ missionaries for learning on how to better be examples of Christ as well as how to be able to teach his doctrine simply. We also were able to visit an individual who had been taking missionary discussions for a year or two and the missionaries had dropped him and we felt to stop by with a member of our congregation. Turns out he was looking for the truth and all of his previous mishaps were taken care of- so he is ready to learn more and is starting to seek the truth. We have told him that find the truth needs to seek it himself. He's reading the book of Mormon and praying to find out for himself if it truly is the word of God. 

After that member took us back to his home where their family through that member a surprise birthday party and it was really funny to see his face dreading all of the people but loving all of the food that was made and brought.

We were also able to give a few individuals blessings and it was really cool to see the spiritual experiences from such events.
I continually recognize how important it is for us to understand that the only thing we really give back to God is our ability to choose. I pray we choose what God asks of us and listen and follow that council.

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