Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life is good

February 1, 2016

  • Teach The Gospel,  Listen to the Spirit
  • Food...
  • The Trio's down to Two
  • Poster companionship
We were able to find seven new people to start teaching this week. That was a miracle all in and of itself. The true reason we found 4 of them was checking on individuals whom were previous referrals that had asked for missionaries to come by but they were not home when we talked to them so we felt we should knock doors and the first door we knocked was a guy whom was watching a tv show that I loved to watch back home so we chatted about that for about a minute or two and he let us in. His brother came in and said "ahh, I'm just going to listen" but heck, he was more involved than his younger brother. The other individuals just barely got into Christianity and were interested in what we spoke of,  little did they know that this started their conversion process to I the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fully restored form.

One thing that I have a hard time grasping however is when people say "when Jesus Found me".... The concept of Jesus not knowing who you are and having to search for you after he remembered you so well he suffered for everything negative and fe;t every positive moment in your life kinda has me curious... Wasn't Jesus already there and you just didn't fully recognize it so when you do you think "he found me!" I do not know... Maybe someone can enlighten me on that topic.

We had been cooking with flour for the past two weeks and Elder Tanner decided to look at the expiration date because it tasted funky.... We have been cooking with flour for the past 2 weeks that has been expired for the past 3 years.... Hmmm... My stomach is hurting.... Maybe that's why?

As being the district leader I have (or I should say had) 4 other missionaries I looked after and helped (if I could) with their mission work and questions, and many of the times they helped me with mine. But, the trio (all 6 of us, or 3 sets of missionaries) is down to two, and all of us are sad but we know it was needed.

Our zone (group of 30 or so missionaries) won the weight loss challenge for the month of January (where we as a group averaged a loss of 5 lbs per person). I lost 5 for it and I am not dead yet! My companion and I both say we are the poster companionship for the weight loss challenge (he is 6'5" and 155 and I am 6' at 124) so we are skinny beasts! We got free Pizza and were happy to be able to eat our weight in food again.

No pictures for this week but Life still is great.

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Live and love us.  I know that we have been given agency (the ability and opportunity to choose) by God and he will never take that away from us, we can only take it away by our choices. I know that The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ really did happen and I love learning more in the Words of the Prophets every day as I read and listen to them.

Elder Day

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